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Firstly, look at my 7 ways to unblock blocked sites. You will like it.

7 ways to unblock blocked sites

I'm sure that you have tried a lot of ways already to unblock blocked sites. Many of them are useless but there are always actual new ones.

Why sites usually are blocked?

Government of many countries blocks sites because of different reasons:
- Sex;
- religion;
- political convictions;
- others.

They do not care about Internet users who are not even aware about these reasons. They just want to meet new people, to find a new friend or a darling.

Great "Countries-Blockers"

Saudi Arabia
They block everything about sex, religion, women, health, politics and pop culture. They even block access to websites that sell swimming or bathing suits.

They block websites that talk about sex, Tibet or Democracy.

What Social Sites can be blocked?

- Google News
- Typepad
- ebay
- Blogger blogs
- YouTube
- Facebook
- Bebo
- Myspace
- Orkut
- MySpace
- Pandora
- Bebo
- Photobucket
- Yahoo! Messenger
- Flickr
- others.

Actually, there are a lot of ways how to unblock sites. I have created my own list of 7 ways:

1 Type the IP number instead of the URL to unblock blocked sites.

2 Use an URL redirection service like or to unblock blocked site.

3 Use Google Mobile Search - Choose the model of phone and start visiting the blocked sites. It works similar to standard browser. Google Mobile helps you to surf the blocked sites easily.

4 Use Mobile browsers to unblock blocked sites.

5 Use Free Online Anonymizers to unblock blocked sites.

6 Use Yahoo Babelfish or Google language tools to unblock blocked sites. All you need to do is to invoke the Google translate service with the same language pair like English to English. Assuming that Google is accessible in your school, you should be able to access any website with this method.

7 Use Unblock Blocked Site Software - Browse the Internet anonymously and unblock any blocked site with easy-to-use Unblock Blocked Site Software that does not use proxy servers.

You should understand that this is not the full list of ways that can help to unblock blocked sites.

If you have any other ways to add, you may comment below. I really appreciate any of your comment.

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