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Internet censorship: Tajikistan issued an ultimatum for Zuckerberg after blocking of Facebook

On Wednesday, November 27, it became known that Tajikistan authorities are serious about unblocking Facebook, subject to the fulfillment of their conditions.

For negotiations in Dushanbe about unbanning the largest social net in the world by the mobile networks operators and Internet providers in Tajikistan the Head of the State Communication Service Bek Zukhurov insists on Mark Zukerberg presence. « Does this Facebook net have an owner?”- said Zukhurov in a rage.

Also authority announced that he can meet with Zukerberg only during his business hours. During negotiations Tajikistan authorities want to ban negative comments about their policy, which appear in Facebook constantly.” There are too many outrages against heads of states which are written by some strange people- said Zukhurov - they might get money for that.

The Head of the Comunication Service suggests that Facebook users get nearly from $5 to 10 th. for each negative comment. How Mark Zukenberg commented such an attack and wether he’s going to negotiate in Tajikistan is unknown. However Russian bloggers laughed at Zukhurov and quote him for free.

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