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Firstly, look at my 7 ways to unblock blocked sites. You will like it.

6 Old Proved Ways for Unblocking Blocked Sites

The situation around blocking web sites stays indifferent for many web users nowadays. Definite Asian countries prefer to block sites of different content which is not allowed in countries regarding to this or that aspect of life. But everyone wants to unblock blocked site.

The list of prohibitions may be rather wide: sexual issues, large and small companies, sites concerning security breaches and so on. Violations are mostly is a ground for prohibition and constitute certain rules for schools and university web attendance. But sometimes appear some kind of situation when you immediately need to appear in the particular site but have no opportunity at all.

In this situation one should apply the following methods:
1. Apply an IP address instead of typing it in the place where the domain name should be.
Typing the specific domain name won’t do , instead of this you are to place the signature address in your computer while it is connected to the web. Using such tools as Netcraft, Whois domain tools will help you to find the ip address of any desirable site.

2. Usage of mobile Web
One can get the mobile version of the blocked site. Mobile version of the phone on your computer can also be useful.

3. Google Cache to find a version of a site
Google’s cache is a good way to see a site that was blocked. Navigation of goggle’s home page will obviously lead you to the site required.

4. Usage of an anonymous web proxy
This proxy hides your identity from the sites being attendable. When you apply a web proxy to visit a blocked site, ip address will be obviously hidden. The anonymous proxy compound the ip address for own purposes. It means that if the place of your living restricts you visiting certain sites you will get a chance to apply the web proxy, but if you happened to find yourself in such situation being abroad then you are to it help there too. Web proxies also encode URLS that you are visiting, which all makes the history of your site attendance untraceable.

5. Usage of translation service
Big cities have more than one language version in their content. It can be found easily by favorite searching engine. The text in foreign languages can be translated to your language since you have found them.

6. RSS reader
It can be used to subscribe to the sites you prefer to see of course if there is a special RSS feed.

The possibilities of searching in the sphere of feed reader of the site are great.

And in the end, I add one more Modern and Easy way of hidding real IP - this is SmartHide. It will help you to unblock blocked site in any spot of the planet. It has portable edition that you can store on USB where ever you go.

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