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Censorship on Twitter?

Do they Moderate a Twitter?

This question can be answered already quite unequivocal "yes." Of course, the messages on Twitter are moderated virtually online; shlopotat you risk a very fast lock your account, if you even think of 20 readers to send spam or frank address advertising.

I should add that feature "Report Spam" can in some cases bring instant results (which is incredibly difficult to imagine, say, in the context of
Модерация в твиттере
Модерация в твиттере
But - at the beginning of 2012 the issue of censorship on Twitter has acquired a radically new color and sounded very different in tone, it is, strictly speaking, is not about moderation messages, and ... on censorship:
Millions of users around the world threatened by a one-day boycott (ANI News reported on 01.28.2012) and the denial of future use of the American social network Twitter at all. What are the causes of change in attitude to the "champion of freedom", it sounds like that slogan Twitter?
According to a number of Internet users and readers of media are only two reasons:
  • Twitter has entered the "slippery road" censorship on the Internet;
  • Twitter has created a precedent - had violated the civil rights of two people in the UK, passing the private correspondence available to the intelligence that initiated the ban on their right of entry to the United States.
The perturbation caused by users appeared December 26 in the blog Twitter account in which the company says about putting "geographic censorship": service will block some of the contents of the tweets in individual countries. This is explained by the need to comply with local regulations.

Hmm, take a look. If you believe the "Reporters without borders" - the results already, we can say quite interesting:
Цензура в твиттере

The official blog of Twitter (account "Tweets still must flow" \ Thursday, January 26, 2012) There were a statement that Twitter users willing to delete the messages in some countries that have "different ideas about the contours of freedom of speech." Thus, the above can only mean one thing - Twitter introduces censorship. One of the first statement on the Twitter administration reacted well-known Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei: "If censorship on Twitter begins, I will not write in it more tweets (messages)."
Well, wait and see ... In the meantime - here's a bit more for reference information. Impressive, is not it?
A. What is it controlled?
Цензура в интернете
Two. How control is implemented?
Контроль над интернетом
Three. What are the declared reasons for control?
Причины цензуры


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Implicit Censorship on theSite has Become Clear!

Most severe censorship - has long been a reality!

It is considered that there is no censorship on the Internet, in particular Or it is, but only in China, Ganduras and similar countries and sites in which strong dictatorship and obscurantism. Is it really? Of course not. 

What is the censorship of the Internet? And if A man wrote something, and the man removed the B is written, it turns out that B - Censor, A - the victim of censorship. Moreover, neither A nor B can not receive any money for the work - it does not matter. 

And there is where the censorship? Everywhere! In any interactive site where visitors can write anything, as a rule, there are moderators - most often, they are the owners of the site. And they ruthlessly removed all that they do not like, even if a comment on a blog or a message written on the forum is extremely polite and without profanity. And if there is foul language, often, these messages are deleted automatically. 

And what if the owner of the site will write anything that does not like visitors or the authorities? Typically, the hoster can "kill" the site for a few minutes after receiving the complaint, not figuring in any sense, especially written on this site, nor powers complaining. 

Likewise, do not get any mass e-mail, or via ICQ, or any other means - all you have spam filters caught and banned, or you turn off your service. There is no freedom of information does not exist, if this information does not match the intentions of the state. authorities. 

Thus, censorship is everywhere, all over the internet, even in the "free" countries. It is divided into three types: 

A. If my view is not "common" and not like the information that we all have been brainwashed from birth, a significant part (or all) of what I write on any site will be removed by the moderator, as the moderator - this is just a man with a brainwashed product of this corrupt society. Opinions are not like the owner / moderator site, as a rule, immediately remove. Therefore, any online site you can find only their opinions, and these opinions do not contradict the almost "conventional wisdom", which we are taught from birth state. Therefore, it seems as if no one has any opinions other than common - they are immediately removed. Freedom of speech - no more than an illusion. 

2. If I make a website where no one can remove, you will likely still hardly anyone has read anything there, because this site to advertise on popular sites (search engines, portals), and advertising networks will not work, even for the money. Moderators ad networks do not miss such advertising, and site owners of "banned". 

3. And if by some miracle, manage ads, more will come to fight "hard state. Artillery," which either abolishes the site (in severe cases - along with the domain and hosting company), or zafiltruet his "spam-/fishing-filtrami" . In extreme cases, the site may zaDDoSit (reload hosting with a variety of queries to be sent zombie computers controlled by using trojans), or me, "jailed", or send the killer. 

Under no circumstances shall the site, strongly contradicting the official authorities, will not be popular, and last long. Either he will seldom visited, and an unknown, or it will be destroyed (possibly together with his creator)! 

So today operates the most severe Internet censorship, a vivid example nyuzz - unwanted and dissenters banyatsya on any far-fetched pretext and without the posts are removed and not released for several days, and if available after the moderation, the backdating when they were created and which is naturally unlikely that anyone will see! Lawlessness, impunity and the rudeness of some mountain adminiSratorov who imagines himself ympYratorami-ympErtsami just rolls over, they've let themselves in plain text to send visitors to the site! You can even list ... all this is sad! Censorship destroys this site! 

In the future it will become even more severe, can be no doubt. 

Exclusive from MozGoPrav

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Thoughts About Politics and Journalism. Why "Stop, Censorship!'' Did not Save Anatoly Sharia


Anatoly Shary received on Friday, an "eternal" asylum in Lithuania and the EU. The man, whose misfortunes began a year ago in Kiev,in "McDonald's" that is near the Vozduhoflotsky bridge are over. And not just a misfortunes - but also a nightmare when every minute you think about will the cops put you to jail or not ended. Congratulations, Tolya!

But good times are always goes with something bad. His mother dead a month before the good news. News about her son was saved. She died in May. A son, who was on the run through because of the fault of former Interior Minister Mogilev, and could not come to her funeral.

Today's incident with Shariem - it is something out of the ordinary. Generaly Ukrainian journalists do not often get the polytical asylum. But this is not the most interesting thing.The fact is that now people who absolutely did not do anything to save Sharia from the punishment will find the advantages of this situation. Now these professional fighters for freedom will present the Shariem case as a weighty proof of the clamp freedom and authoritarianism in Yanukovych Ukraine, although Tolya didn’t have any problems with the Yanukovych regime. He had certain problems with the Kiev police.

Shary is not a political but a social journalist. In the circle of his professional interests included the investigation of drug pushing that were under the police control, the functioning of the  clandestine gambling machines and casinos, out-of-date food which are often selling in our supermarkets, and so on.

I’ve already wrote, if you are a political journalist, you're protected, because the policy after the murder of Gongadze just afraid to communicate with someone. They are, in fact, living in the West do not want to have  any problems, which will raise in the "Reporters without Borders", PACE, and even NATO. And who will protect a social journalist? Nobody. The "human rights" protectors will be intrested in his situation only if what was happened to him, will be a reason to talk about the horrible 'Donetsk bandits'.

The case of Shariem - is a spot on the "Stop Censorship!".

For stopt сensorship activists to picket Mezhyhirya, Yanukovych, Azarov is more important, than to help a journalist who wrote the dangerous material about the police. Therefore, for the "Stop Censorship!" better to picket Bankova.Guys, you should be called as a "political pickets organization" as you do not have anything in common with the protection of the rights of specific journalists .

"Stop Censorship!" refused to defend the because of Alyona Pritula, the owner of "Ukrainskaya Pravda". Last spring, Sharia published in the "Obozrevatel" article on "Ukrainskaya Pravda", from which the audience knew who are the founders of this online publication. That's a thing for what he wasn’t forgiven. Just like Alla Pugacheva is the mother of Russian pop music, Olena Prytula is the my mother  of Ukrainian opposition journalism.

In addition, Toll has been opposed to the orange and the national-patriots, and "Stop Censorship!" 100% is made up of orange and national-patriotic comrades and, in fact, the organization aims to fight against the regime of Yanukovych.

And more. stopt сensorship activists, ultimately your goal - is politics, not journalism. It is proved by the way, by Andriy Shevchenko, who became a deputy of the active medium orange, and national-patriotic journalists.

While I know one thing - Shary wrote the truth about the police. Today he is a refugee and there is no one to protect.


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Anonymous India to use RTI in fight against Internet censorship

Just right now I have found a forum post called Anonymous India to use RTI in fight against Internet censorship

It tells about Internet censorship strategy in India. So, we can conclude that situation in India does not change.

Is there any people from India? What do you think about it? Is that right that they do that? Maybe its better to use legal methods to fight with censorship? Comment please. Let's talk about that!

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Censorship and Vatican

As soon as Vatican representative convicted a book of Roman Catholic nun, who is a part-time Professor at Yale University (in the theological faculty), on sexual ethics, the book received a status #1 position among all bestsellers in the religious literature and #16 in the overall list this week :0)