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The “electronic curtain” in Iran

“Iran developed «smart software that will limit citizen’s access to social networks and allow controlling this access” - local Mass Media quote the head of the chief of police’s, Ismail Ahmadi Moghadam statement.

“Smart control of social networks will help not only to nullify its disadvantages but also allow benefitting from its advantages”, said Ahmadi Moghadam.

“Smart software designing for web sites governance are in a full swing”- he added.
Facebook, Twitter and many others social web sites were blocked with the help of the official mechanism of filtration within strong Internet censorship that was introduced by the heads of Islamic republic.

But many users Of the World Wide Web in Iran, that is the half of the 75 million population, have Internet connection, found ways to avoid blocking by using VPN software, despite the fact that it was rendered unlawful.

Ahmadi Moghadam hinted at new software will really limit the access to social networks for Iranian citizens.

“Smart control of social networks is much better than its filtration”, - he said.

His comments took place after Facebook startup in the middle of December. This site was devoted to the page of the Supreme Spiritual Leader of the country, the ayatollah Ali Khamenei. This account attracts attention of the country and abroad. 
Authorities regularly warn Iranian citizens about the danger, that social network fraught, saying that these sites are the part of the East supported conspiracy aimed at Islam regime derogation. But the blogger Sattar Beheshti’s death In November of the last year caused international protests, which lead to the head of the policy unit layoff.

In 2011 Iran developed a “cyber-police unit” to resist attempts to criticize ruling regime in the Internet.

Iran also works at the development of the national Internet that, according to his words, will be “cleaned” of any unislamic content. Authorities said that “National Internet” will not block the Global Internet.

Social websites and networks, such video-sharing site as Youtube were used in organization of street protests after disputable reelection of the president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009.

It was reported that several activists, bloggers and journalists were arrested because of their posts and comments in social networks.

The USA accused Iran of the “electronic curtain” creation that fenced off country’s citizens of the outside world
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