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North Korea blocked the access to the Internet for tourists

Despite the fact that about a month ago the authorities of North have allowed foreigners to use Skype and send photos on the Instagram they made a decision to prohibit mobile Internet for tourists once again.

According to the words of one of local tour operators the access to the 3G for the Korea visitors is now unavailable. It is still possible to buy SIM-card for making international calls but still it is prohibited to connect the Internet from the smartphone.

We remind that leaders of North Korea where the Internet is strongly controlled by the government, several weeks ago have made these restrictions easier for foreigners and have opened the access to the 3G-nets.

According to the North Korea Tech it was strongly prohibited and tourists had to leave their electronic devices on the state frontier.

It should be noted that even citizens of Korea can use only simple services like MMS messages or the subscription on the state newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

Experts think that North Korean authorities are likely decided to block access because they do not like the increased interest concerning the inner life of the country. Besides it became known about 3G blocking at the same day when North Korea declared about the provocation of the United States and brought their artillery and missile units to full readiness.

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