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Firstly, look at my 7 ways to unblock blocked sites. You will like it.

Use Anonymous Friend 2.9 to unblock blocked site

What is Anonymous Friend and how it can help me to unblock blocked site?

It is one of many unblock blocked site tools. It helps you hide IP to make you anonymous on the Web. With its help you are able to surf any site, forum or whatever without being traced by any webmaster, moderator or admin.

It uses different IPs form different countries that's why you can easily unblock blocked site situated in different countries.

Download Anonymous Friend 2.9

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Zilla Anonymous Surf - FREE and powerful unblock blocked site software

Just tested one software Zilla Anonymous Surf that is very awesome if you would like to unblock blocked site.

Download FREE Zilla Anonymous Surf to unblock blocked site

Software Review

It is a powerful, FREE of CHARGE but easy-to-use unblock blocked site software. It allows you to unblock any blocked site without being noticed.

3 main features of the programme:

1) Hiding your IP to unblock blocked site being invisible.

It makes you invisible for all servers where different websites are situated. BUT when you're are connected to it, your Internet speed is reduced. That's why use it when you really need to unblock blocked site.

2) Blocking ads and pictures with one click.

Just click "block images" when you see any ads or adult images and you'll never see them again.

3) No pop-ups

With this wonderful software you'll not see any pop-ups distracting you when you visit a site .

And a lot of other useful options and settings:

Zilla Anonymous Surf gives you a perfect opportunity not only to unblock blocked site fast and easy but also gives some more really helpful options as eliminating unwanted pop-ups and ads images wrapper. And all of these for FREE.

Brilliant unblock blocked site software for those who is in search of Free but still powerful application.

Download FREE Zilla Anonymous Surf to unblock blocked site

If you have any comments about this soft, use comment zone below to add some.

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German Anonymizer to unblock blocked site

Sorry for not writing you so much time, I was in my four month vocation :-)

I'm just kidding, I just was creating my new security software to unblock every blocked website, It's not ready yet, but I swear you that I will publish it as soon as it is ready.

For now, I want to present one more Free Online Anonymizer that can help you to visit German websites, eg. if you work in Germany but you decide to travel to China which blocks all Germany sites (Great China Firewall).

So, if you need to visit Germany websites or just want that website owners won't see your real IP, you can use this easy to use Free Online anonymizer to unblock every blocked website

URL address of this Anonymizer

Here's a screenshot of that website.

Just insert the URL which you want ti visit being invisible (i.e. your IP address will be changed to DE IP of that anonymizer IP:

From now on, I hope I will be writing more often adding new and new Free Anonymizers and software to unblock blocked site and not only :-)

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