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Find out how much ppm is allowed in other countries of the European Union

Find out how much ppm is allowed in other countries of the European Union

Traveling by car, you must remember that in European countries have set the permissible levels of alcohol in the blood while driving - from 0 to 0.8 ppm.

Google: Ukraine is not included in the top 10 countries with Internet censorship

  • Google: Украина не входит в ТОП-10 стран с интернет-цензурой
Ukraine is not among the ten countries with the highest rates on the decisions of the government and the courts to remove content from services Google.

Dropbox Will Not Share the Pirated Files

By post The Verge, a popular service to store and synchronize files Dropbox revealed censorship.

The government of Ethiopia will Judge Those Who Use Skype

Skype and Google Talk fall under the ban, in particular. Violation of the ban can lead to 15 years in prison. The country's leadership says such a decision based on the "national security and support by the monopoly of local telecommunications companies".

Censorship on TV at Euro 2012

Football has galvanized the world a new scandal. During the Euro 2012 matches in Germany watched over 20 million viewers. However, they are sometimes not fully informed about what is happening on the field. It turns out that television broadcasts are subject to censorship League, according to Bild. Thus, viewers in Germany is not seen as a fan ran into the field, kissed the Croatia coach Slaven Bilic.Behind the scenes was the smoke of firecrackers during the match Italy - Croatia.
Curious Euro 2012 soccer
Head coach of Germany Yoga Lev fun of a boy handing out balls. "Incident" occurred before the match group stage of Euro 2012 between Germany and the Netherlands. However, the German TV viewers saw the scene during the fight, and in the midst of the first half, a 22-minute! Later it became known that these shots were recorded by Channel League before the match, but the operators have decided to use them during the match. It is noteworthy that presented the German channel mistakenly believed that there is a direct translation. 
Yoga Coach Leo decided to make fun of a boy handing out balls. While a young man with a serious face standing near the bench against Germany, carefully watching what is happening on the field, quietly crept up to him Joachim Loew and knocked the ball from his hands.

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The Deputies Refused to Deprive Ukrainians Erotica

The deputies of the Verkhovna Rada decided not to consider the controversial bill number 7132 , which was supposed to enter the actual censorship on the Internet.

The authors of the bill proposed to require Internet providers to restrict access to erotic Web sites.

According to Rada Committee on Freedom of expression and information, bill number is 7132 and therefore the nature of censorship committee recommended to remove it from consideration as a document that does not comply with modern international practice and international standards.

Also, the Committee considers that this legislative initiative is erroneous due to the fact that, in effort to protect the morals, the bill creates the conditions for the pressure on the media and censorship.

In addition, the bill restricts the constitutional right of citizens to freedom of expression and information, creates new opportunities for corruption and increases the cost of the state budget.

Recall that in October 2011, the Verkhovna Rada endorsed the first reading of this bill.

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The Way We Weren't - Censorship In Hollywood

I really liked this video. Music, screen and everything is perfect. I want to share it with you!

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Censorship Distorts Reality

Post from the past but it's still actual for nowadays.

International non-governmental organization "Reporters without Borders" has launched a new campaign of public service advertising under the slogan "Censorship distorts reality." Posters depicting the world's politicians clearly demonstrate how dramatically the use of censorship can change the context of the message.
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BIGPIC87 Censorship Distorts Reality

Ethiopia Announced Skype Illegal

Изображение с сайта

Ethiopia announced Skype illegal

The use of voice communication services via the Internet (VoIP) in Ethiopia was banned. According to "Al Jazeera", the law came into force on May 24 has, however, the international media found out about the history until now.

Fall under the ban, in particular, services such as Skype and Google Talk.Their users, says TV can go to jail for up to 15 years. The country's authorities explain this step to national security and maintaining a monopoly of local telecommunications companies.

How to add TechCrunch, the law also grants the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology the right to monitor and issue licenses to all non-state companies in the country importing the equipment used to transmit information.

June 7 organization "Reporters without Borders," said also, that the only Internet provider of Ethiopia, the state-owned Ethio-Telecom, set the filter to use the service subscribers Tor. Tor allows you to go online anonymously and bypass restrictions set by providers.

As of the 2010 Internet access was at least one percent of Ethiopians.

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