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Censorship on TV at Euro 2012

Football has galvanized the world a new scandal. During the Euro 2012 matches in Germany watched over 20 million viewers. However, they are sometimes not fully informed about what is happening on the field. It turns out that television broadcasts are subject to censorship League, according to Bild. Thus, viewers in Germany is not seen as a fan ran into the field, kissed the Croatia coach Slaven Bilic.Behind the scenes was the smoke of firecrackers during the match Italy - Croatia.
Curious Euro 2012 soccer
Head coach of Germany Yoga Lev fun of a boy handing out balls. "Incident" occurred before the match group stage of Euro 2012 between Germany and the Netherlands. However, the German TV viewers saw the scene during the fight, and in the midst of the first half, a 22-minute! Later it became known that these shots were recorded by Channel League before the match, but the operators have decided to use them during the match. It is noteworthy that presented the German channel mistakenly believed that there is a direct translation. 
Yoga Coach Leo decided to make fun of a boy handing out balls. While a young man with a serious face standing near the bench against Germany, carefully watching what is happening on the field, quietly crept up to him Joachim Loew and knocked the ball from his hands.

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