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Find out how much ppm is allowed in other countries of the European Union

Find out how much ppm is allowed in other countries of the European Union

Traveling by car, you must remember that in European countries have set the permissible levels of alcohol in the blood while driving - from 0 to 0.8 ppm.

The most stringent laws on permissible blood alcohol content (0 ppm) were established in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Russia.0.2 ppm can not afford driver's Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Poland.
The most common in the European Union allowed the degree of intoxication behind the wheel - 0.5 ppm - established in Finland, Latvia, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Greece.
about ypal In the UK legislation in this area the most "soft" - allowed drivers to 0.8 per mille of alcohol in the blood.
Significant impact on driving has been 0.4 ppm, or two servings of alcohol, says ITAR-TASS .
Penalties for driving while intoxicated are quite high - 50 to 1200 (from 35 to 843 lats), and even up to 7200 euros (5060 lats).

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