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Google: Political censorship has increased alarmingly
Google said the strengthening of censorship on the Internet over the last six months. A serious concern is the increase in the number of requests for removal of the political content of the governments of Western democracies, which are rarely associated with censorship.

Since the Spanish authorities requested an appeal to Google to eliminate 270 links to blogs and newspaper articles critical of public figures. The company rejected the appeal. Official Warsaw has asked Google to remove an article critical of the Polish agency for enterprise development. Search engine and in this case refused.
British police appealed to the company with a request to eliminate the youtube-accounts for apparently promoting terrorism. Google agreed. In the U.S., requests were related to the alleged insult people in the videos Youtube. U.S. authorities have demanded removal of 187 commercials. The company has satisfied only 42% of requests.
Thai authorities were asked to remove 149 videos Youtube, allegedly insulting the royal family. Google has agreed with 70% of requests.
Canadian authorities have requested to remove the video, in which citizen urinates on his passport and merges it into the toilet. And Pakistan has asked Google to destroy the six video clips from the satirical stories about the army and politicians. Google rejected those requests.
Google Senior Policy Analyst Dorothy Chew (Dorothy Chou) wrote in his blog:
Unfortunately, the trend of the last two years is a concern. This - the fifth report, published by us. As before, we were asked to remove political speech. We are concerned about this trend is not only because freedom of speech is at risk, but also because some of the requests came from countries that you would never be suspected in such.

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