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Russia intends to expose internet censorship

Daily Mail, a British tabloid wrote that Russia intends to expose Internet censorship, but at a UN conference that is going to be held in December in Dubai, the United States will try to disrupt this plans. Putin has long advocated the establishment of centralized control over the Internet, but the Americans are going to block this proposal.

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Concerns that this will strike a powerful tool for sharing information, job search and organization of the revolution remain. Russia proposed an amendment that would allow to suppress political opposition. International Telecommunication Union (ITU) takes this decisions on consensus. The U.S. will try to carry out the preliminary meetings before the conference to support their position. Perhaps the UN and ITU want to take away the control over the information from the nongovernmental organizations, establishing rules and standards.

For all States Members , academic institutions and the private sector the preparatory process is opened. Most of them fear that Putin will use his close relations with the ITU General Secretary Hamadoun Toure, to establish a censorship over the Internet. Republican Roger McDowell, a member of the Federal Communications Commission said at a hearing in Congress that it was not a direct threat to freedom of the Internet, this expression is a cunning extension of intergovernmental mandate.

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