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Special services of Kyrgyzstan announced the introduction of censorship on the Internet

The day before, on April 16, at a meeting in the Kyrgyz parliament, the head of the intelligence service Shamil Atakhanov publicly announced that he intends to censor the Internet, in particular, to monitor the content of Kyrgyz sites. According to the chairman of the State National Security Committee of KR they have already signed several contracts with firms that specialize in search engine software. Within 3-4 months Kirnete, in fact, the direct censorship will be introduced.

In the future cooperation with the National Security Committee programmers allow security officers to track information content of any website. The committee will pay special attention to local news agencies, which, according to their data, periodically publishes articles on banned topics about nationalism, ethnic and religious conflicts, and so on. However Atakhanov forgot to mention one more component - the local newspapers, which by their content, often times "do their job better" than ordinary Kyrgyz journalists, including Russian, but for their chauvinistic remarks were not punished, and vice versa - is praised and popularized.

The initiative caused controversial reaction in the community, but journalists have embraced information Atakhanova negatively, because for them this is a violation of the principles of freedom of speech and the lack of legislative framework in Kyrgyzstan for censoring the Internet space.

- This is a private affair of the State Committee of National Security - said political analyst, journalist and senior fellow at the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Knyazev.

Somewhat similar views expressed Portal News - Asia and the General Director of "Channel Five" Eugene Berdnikov.

- I can not say that I completely "over", - said the journalist. - But if the National Security Committee will publish and agree with the public criteria of what content is correct and what is not, and will strictly adhere to these criteria, the idea has a right to exist. The problem is that nobody ever sees these criteria. National Security Committee, as always, will refer to the privacy and so on. And as a result any information published on this site may be "inappropriate content". Moreover, with the rise of Internet technology, where is the guarantee that the next step will not control user utterances in social networks?

- To be honest, this decision can be treated in two ways - said journalist Dmitry Orlov, the head of the Analytical Center "Strategy for the East-West". - You can monitor Internet content under the pretext of combating terrorism, for extremist statements, and other similar things. And it is possible under the same pretext to take measures against undesirable regime people.

In the United States after September 11, Americans also began to actively pursue online monitoring. And there with human rights defenders, journalists walk angry.

Recall that, by Kyrgyz law Internet resources are not the media, and therefore can not fall under the provisions of the law "On Mass Media", which provides for restrictions on the content of articles, including religious and nationalistic themes.

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Apple and Facebook threaten the freedom of the Internet

Freedom on the Internet and keeping private data users face great danger. Such an opinion in an interview with The Guardian newspaper suggested a co-founder and Chief Technologist Google Sergey Brin, adding that the greatest threat are the authorities of some countries, as well as Apple and Facebook.

"Freedom of the Internet is threatened by powerful forces around the world. I am concerned, more than ever. And it's scary, "- said Sergey Brin, and notes several reasons for concern.

In his view - is censorship by the authorities of some countries are trying to enter the Internet for its citizens. He also believes that Facebook and Apple, more and more influence on the freedom to choose among its users, and to unilaterally decide what software can be released on their platforms, which may negatively affect the development of innovations.

"We have to play by their rules, but they are very limited. We were able to develop a Google ... in an open Internet.And when in front of you too many rules, it inhibits innovation, "- he said.

By the way, Sergey Brin dubbed as a fighter against censorship on the Internet. According to unofficial data, it was he who was behind the decision of Google's partial withdrawal of the Chinese market in 2010 as a protest against Internet censorship in this country.

Google has also repeatedly expressed its concern about Internet censorship in Saudi Arabia and Iran. However, recently Google has not been able to avoid the scandals associated with the user data.

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Netherlands Pirate Party started a lawsuit against the anti-piracy organization

Pirates of the Netherlands anti-piracy organization called such action “a violation of human rights.

Pirate Party of the Netherlands started a lawsuit against the anti-piracy organization BREIN to try to repeal the court's decision, according to which the parties must disable the proxy server that provides users with access to file sharing service The Pirate Bay. It is reported by TorrentFreak.

Pirate Party accuses BREIN in the "legal harassment" and violation of human rights. Pirates of the Netherlands require that access to The Pirate Bay has been opened.

It should be noted that the work of the proxy server was started after this January by the court disabled users access to The Pirate Bay.

After that, the site of the Netherlands Pirate Party published a list of services that let subscribers use the XS4ALL and Ziggo The Pirate Bay. On April 15 BREIN, in turn, required to remove the link from the site. As a result, the Dutch pirates sued the organization.

"Sues BREIN, Pirate Party, finally, have the opportunity to present their arguments in order to cancel the injunction, which was passed in favor of BREIN», - Pirate Party said in a statement.