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Netherlands Pirate Party started a lawsuit against the anti-piracy organization

Pirates of the Netherlands anti-piracy organization called such action “a violation of human rights.

Pirate Party of the Netherlands started a lawsuit against the anti-piracy organization BREIN to try to repeal the court's decision, according to which the parties must disable the proxy server that provides users with access to file sharing service The Pirate Bay. It is reported by TorrentFreak.

Pirate Party accuses BREIN in the "legal harassment" and violation of human rights. Pirates of the Netherlands require that access to The Pirate Bay has been opened.

It should be noted that the work of the proxy server was started after this January by the court disabled users access to The Pirate Bay.

After that, the site of the Netherlands Pirate Party published a list of services that let subscribers use the XS4ALL and Ziggo The Pirate Bay. On April 15 BREIN, in turn, required to remove the link from the site. As a result, the Dutch pirates sued the organization.

"Sues BREIN, Pirate Party, finally, have the opportunity to present their arguments in order to cancel the injunction, which was passed in favor of BREIN», - Pirate Party said in a statement.

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