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Seizure of Internet by repressive government must be prevented

A global seizure of Internet by repressive governments must be prevented, writes John Kampfner for The Financial Times. According to his point of view the democracy should secure the most important freedom.

The author of the note refers to a recent study by the U.S. NGO Freedom House, according to which freedom of speech around the world is going through a serious crisis during last ten years.

The Freedom House list included such countries as Mali, Russia, China, Venezuela, Ukraine, South Africa, Ecuador and Thailand. “The economic crisis instead of leading to greater transparency, brought the rich and powerful people to a censorship ", - said Kampfner and stated Greece as an example, where journalist was arrested for publishing information about the higher ranks, hiding from taxes.

Concerning the observer’s words, censorship can be introduced for different aims – for example to force those who do not agree to keep silent or to stop investigations of corruption. Authorities consider Internet as the most dangerous tool. “The more technology gives us a possibility to speak –the more governments are afraid”, - said Kampfner. “"Democracies play a key role in the prevention of global Internet seizure by such authorities", - he added.

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