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Protection against pornography, or a prelude to censorship?

The room FP for May / June, dedicated to issues of gender and sex, I wrote about how the filtering system declared as a measure against pornography - for example, China's "Green Dam" - often used as Trojan horses for the more controversial forms of the Internet censorship:
Цензура в СМИ

Signal without noise, or as a metaphor for Cryptography

The newly Russian law, which introduces an Internet black list (or roster sites with prohibited content), is the natural questions. Too many signs that declared there is one, and means something substantially different
Before leaving for summer vacation in the parliament decided suddenly to attend to the protection of youth from the corrupting influence of the Internet. And Stakhanovite pace-invented was a new law - amending (the other has not even begun to operate), the federal law "On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development." The essence of the amendments, as everybody knows, is to create a so-called black lists, based on which the whole state will be blocked Internet access to sites with illegal and harmful content.Assigned to that child pornography, promotion of drug use and suicide.

Iranian TV show does not recommend eating chicken

Iranian authorities have recommended that local television stations to refrain from showing films and programs containing scenes of hearty meals with chicken, writes The Daily Telgraph.
According to officials, such scenes could provoke envy and aggression in people who can not afford such a luxury that will increase social hatred in society.
Продажа курицы на иранском рынке. Архивное фото ©AFP

«Index on Censorship» called on the Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to stop attacks on journalists and freedom of speech

The government of Azerbaijan under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev's believed that music competition "Eurovision", to which the organization spent about $ 750 million, will be an excellent opportunity to retouch the poor state of human rights in the country. However, due to the activities of organizations «Index on Censorship» and the International Partnership Group for Azerbaijan (IPGA), it became known that free speech is not protected in Azerbaijan Aliev. This is stated on the website of the organization «Index on Censorship».
«Index on Censorship» призвала президента Азербайджана И. Алиева прекратить атаки на журналистов и свободу слова