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Protection against pornography, or a prelude to censorship?

The room FP for May / June, dedicated to issues of gender and sex, I wrote about how the filtering system declared as a measure against pornography - for example, China's "Green Dam" - often used as Trojan horses for the more controversial forms of the Internet censorship:
Цензура в СМИ
"China seems to have marked the beginning of a whole trend. Indonesia uses its draconian laws against pornography, against sites that protect gay rights. The Turkish government has created in the past year system of Internet filters to protect children's rights - and also blocked the site of Richard Dawkins (Richard Dawkins) - an evolutionary biologist and renowned atheist. The U.S. firm Blue Coat, which sells Internet filters to companies from the Fortune 500, admitted last year that the Syrian regime is using its technology to restrict access of its citizens to the Internet. " 

Apparently, the next country that is going to use this method will be Russia. Today, its parliament passed a law directed against child pornography, which can easily be used against politically controversial material.

The Russian press reported on Wednesday that the final version of the law was clarified over a broad term "harmful information" and that there are no court that will close the only sites with child pornography, instructions on how to commit suicide and the promotion of drugs.

However, an expert on the Russian security services Andrei Soldatov said that the bill, requiring providers to install special equipment that allows for the first time a mechanism for blocking foreign Web sites.

"Obviously, it can be used not only against sites that distribute pornography - the government will be able to use these tools as he pleases," - he said on his website

Folding of democratic freedoms under Putin, still almost did not affect the political dialogue in the Russian Internet, especially blogs, "LiveJournal". The new government move may mean that the authorities tired of satirical videos spreading on the Internet. Given that the central figures of Russian culture began to protest punk band in the style of Riot Girl called Pussy Riot, demonstrants in bikinis and frankly inclined to dress, "socialite" Ksenia Sobchak, it is easy to imagine how to use the law against pornography can be struck for freedom political statements.

It's funny that one of the deputies of the Duma explained to protest against the influence of law on the Internet "pedophile lobby." And you still say that the work in the tobacco companies spoils resume!

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