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Iranian TV show does not recommend eating chicken

Iranian authorities have recommended that local television stations to refrain from showing films and programs containing scenes of hearty meals with chicken, writes The Daily Telgraph.
According to officials, such scenes could provoke envy and aggression in people who can not afford such a luxury that will increase social hatred in society.
Продажа курицы на иранском рынке. Архивное фото ©AFP
"Movies - a window company. Some people, after watching films about the life of the wealthy, can pohvatat knives and demand their share of the public good. Television should not be inaccessible to showcase the standard of living," - said the Interior Minister Esmail Ahmadi Moghaddam,.
This statement was made against a background of sharply deteriorating economic situation in the country, where rising inflation has done meats (even chicken), a luxury for many of its inhabitants.
Chicken was an important source of animal protein for many poor Iranians, but over the last year prices are tripled. Local farmers claim that they were at fault in this, because the lack of currency plummeted imports of animal feed and poultry. Moreover, because of the collapse of the Iranian rial feed themselves become extremely expensive for farmers.
Get chicken at fixed prices the poor can only Iranian specialized state stores, where goods are released for coupons. Due to the huge demand for these shops are huge queues.
The economic situation in Iran has deteriorated significantly due to the imposition of sanctions against the West, some local financial institutions and oil producers. As a result of these sanctions Tehran's income from exports of hydrocarbons (the main source of fiscal revenue) decreased significantly. According to local experts, in 2012, inflation in Iran can make more than 70 percent.

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