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Twitter was used in practice introduced in January censorship rules

It is for the first time the social network Twitter used censorship rules. At the request of the German authorities the account of a Hannover neo-Nazi group Besserer was blocked. Her account will not be available for German IP users, all other users around the world can continue to read fascist micro blog. New censoring rules were adopted this year in January.
Social network Twitter used in practice the adoption of right censoring content of its user’s accounts in January. On Thursday, the world's largest micro blogging network blocked the account @ hannoverticker, belonging to the Hannover neo-Nazi group Besseres, for its users from Germany.

On request of the minister of foreign affairs of Lower Saxony the access on Twitter and micro blogging Besseres in Hannover was blocked. In Germany, the group assets are frozen by court order, all accounts on social networks have to be closed.

Hannover Police Department, following the instructions of the public prosecutor of Lower Saxony, September 25, addressed to the leadership of Twitter with a request "to close your account and not to open any subsequent accounts organization Besseres Hannover». Neo-Nazi group, whose members are accused of creating a criminal association and incitement to racial hatred, is suspected of distributing racist leaflets in schools and threats against immigrants. She was also accused activist to create a video with threats to Aygul Ezkan, minister for Social Affairs in the government of Lower Saxony.

In late September, the German police raided headquarters of several neo-Nazi organizations and seized Hitler's attributes (its illegal acquisition in Germany) and weapons.

According to the accepted rules Twitter may block access to the content of its users if they violate the laws of any country. Restrictions apply only to readers entering the IP relevant national zones.

As Twitter explains on its website, "many countries, including the United States, have laws that may apply to tweets or content twitter accounts. We continue to strive to make our service available for users worldwide. If we receive a valid and duly justified request from the authorities it may sometimes be necessary to block access to certain content in certain countrie”.

List of potentially violating the laws of topics published on the website Chilling Effects, includes more than 5400 cases of conflict. But before that Twitter has never blocked access to the entire accounts.

Twitter has repeatedly refused to state requests for blocking accounts, stressing that one of its goals considers the provision of free access to information and freedom of expression. «The account @ hannovertricker, as noted by Financial Times, is complaining about other users of the service receiving threats from its leading activists Besserer Hannover. Specialized blog The Atlantic Wire wrote: "As explained Twitter, they first used their new rules of censorship and it happened almost a year after they announced them. Is it really so important if Twitter censors will close one account per year "- and put at the end of a meaningful question mark.
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