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Putin signed the “Kabaeva’s law” that introduces the new bans in the Internet

Vladimir Putin proved Kabaeva’s amendment to act that prohibits leaks about children in the Internet.

The president of Russian Federation signed the law that prohibits publications in Media of any personal information about under-aged victims of crimes. Earlier this law was going to concerne only victims of pedophiles. The law was initiated by deputies Alina Kabaeva, Valentina Tereshlova and Marina Mukabenova. Internet-community took it as one more attempt to sensor the Internet.

The amendment to law “About Media” had been accepted by the government on March 22 and approved by the Federation Council on March 27. Law prohibits the spread of information bout under aged victims of crimes, including surnames, names, middle names, photos and videos of the child and his parents, date and place of birth and study or work or another information that can help to determine their personality.

If the publication of such information can occur as a protection of victim’s interest then journalists have to get the permission from parents or even a child (if he/she is 14) to public personal data. Without their permission journalists can act only when "it is impossible to obtain their permission, or if the legal representative of the minor is suspected or accused of committing these illegal acts."

Initially it was planned that the law would only create "a serious obstacle to the unwitting" promotion "through the media of pedophilia and other crimes committed against the sexual integrity of minors", but in the final version the law sounds more extensively and for the "victims of the unlawful action (or inaction).

"It made lawyers criticize Kabaeva and other members of the legal illiteracy, and the online community has suggested the bill about another taboo subject, censorship and expanding the "registry of banned sites."

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