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The Censorship age

Dear readers, in this article another innovation will be discussed. Some of the materials like "Home Newspaper" are marked by special signs "+" denoting the age at which you can not read the aforesaid articles.
These rules dictate a new federal law "On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development", which comes into force on September 1 of this year. It was signed for the first time on December 29, 2010 almost two years ago. Probably, it was assumed that during this time some techniques will be developed , according to the publisher. But! The law comes into force this week, but there are no methods or at least a recommendations how to use this law.

The formulation of the law is so strange that the category of "6 +" for example, old Russian tales have a description of the physical and mental violence ..." - according to a quote from the Federal Law № 436), under the "12 +" gets a harmless (it seemed of course!) "Gingerbread Man" (that shows the process of loss of life), and almost all the work of Korney Chukovsky would have to be marked with the sign of the most stringent "16 +" …

No doubt, in the sea of ​​information, where everyone dip our children, there are so many ... (I almost said the word, that instantly sends this phrase in the category of "16 +") ... excrement, that the adoption of the law was necessary and justified. The lawyers of our newspapers couldn’t find someone who would be able to describe the algorithm of the application of this law.

And another aspect of the double-meaning of the law: when I was young, as they say today, a teenager, the writings on a movie "Children under 16" even more fired my imagination. And I, by any means was trying to see it. Whether will the introduction of this law will have the opposite effect? Would not it made a child to start searching on the Internet a string of characters "16 +"?
16 +

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Censorship and the procedure?

On September 1, the law that is going "to protect children from information harmful to their health and development," comes into force and along with this TV producers made a lists of "forbidden words."

TV stations began to warn in advance of the company-producers of content on the inadmissibility of the use of their products in a number of words and expressions, stressing that the use of taboo language is unacceptable, and the widespread nowadays.

Along with taboo language there were words like “penis” or "prick", "muhosranske", "hell", "ass", "hemorrhoids", "gay" (and its many aliases, including "blue" ) and others.

In July, the National Association of Broadcasters has asked the State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin to postpone the adoption of the law at least on a year, but it doesn’t have a success. "The law contains a large number of subjective and highly controversial provisions, and the fact that the mechanisms for the implementation of the major provisions of the law are not clearly defined, and the by-laws, to which there are links, not yet adopted, we consider it necessary to postpone the introduction of the law in force for a period not less than one calendar year, "- Sergei Naryshkin said in letter.

In addition, broadcasters pointed out that in the current version the law will forbid children to see, for example, most of the military-patriotic films, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" (in the film vagrancy romanticized is shown) and "Just you wait! "(Wolf constantly smokes).

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Kosher News : Salt censorship

"Women exile " from a public space in Israel has reached new level: it is the first time when a large company, a manufacturer of table salt "Salit" began to remove a schematic image of a woman from the packages of his product, which for decades used to Israeli consumers (see photo below) 
News kosher: Salt censorship

About female images on packages of salt censorship retell Jerusalem resident Brit Harel. The woman was shocked when her husband brought out a salt package from the ordinary not an ultra-orthodox shop , where instead of the usual modest ladies gaping was an empty white space.

There are a lot of cases of censorship female images in Jerusalem, but usually it is a "local initiative" of religious shopkeepers or publishers. The case was considered as extraordinary, because of religious censorship was engaged in a large enterprise, the group of companies related to Sheri Arison, - and censorship affected not random ads but the logo of the product to which consumers have long been accustomed.

Haaretz asked the company "Salit"to get the answer: the image of women eliminated only with those packages of salt, which will receive a special certificate of kashrut during the Pesach time. Bundles of common salt will be sold in its present form to them until BADATS will impose such strict requirements.

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120 years ago, Russia was introduced "punitive censorship"

August 27, 1882, Emperor Alexander III introduced the "Provisional Rules on the Press."

Rules finally secured in Russia "punitive censorship." Under the rules, the publication after the third warning had to represent the next available number in the censorship on the eve of their release. State had maximum control over the press, up to the right to close all editions and deprive them of the editor and publishing right. Development of the first edition of the Rules.The right to close any publication was given not only to the Minister for Internal Affairs but also to the Head of the Synod. Control of the press belongs to the High Commission for the Press - a special body of the four ministers: Education Minister, Minister for Internal Affairs , Minister of Justice and the Head of the Holy Synod.

Strengthening of censorship led to the mass closure of periodicals in Russia.

For the time of the Alexander III reign 72 books was banned (among them were Leo Tolstoy, Leskov works).

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Censorship on the Internet: In Tomsk sites, considered as harmful for children were closed.

The decision to close Internet resources was taken to court.

Цензура в Интернете: В Томске закрыты сайты, вредные для детей

In Tomsk ISP has an access to 13 sites, that had instructions for suicide, violence and pornography. Information about this appeared on the website of the General Prosecutor's Office on Tuesday, August 21. The decision was taken to court. such providers as Tomsk Branch of OJSC "Rostelecom", Center "TUCSR-Telecom" Company "Tomtel." execute the decision In Tomsk.

В Томске суд обязал провайдеров закрыть 13 сайтов, содержащих порнографию, сцены насилия и рецепты суицида

Among the Court's material on the blocked sites it can badly affects the "spiritual, moral, mental, and other development of children."

The access to this sites were blocked by filtering IP-addresses.

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Censorship forbade the exhibition with a kiss "Sleeping Beauty"

Artist asks for affect Ukraine international art community.

Ministry of Culture banned the opening of the National Museum of Art exhibition "The Sleeping Beauty." The first day of the exhibition was going to be tomorrow. Author of a controversial exhibition plans, despite the ban, still try to open it. By the idea of ​​the author, a real girl would sleep in the middle of his installation for several hours. Visitors are allowed to kiss the "sleeping beauty", if they have previously signed agreement, the one on whose kiss she wakes up, will be obliged to marry her.

Ukrainian-Canadian artist T.Polatayko outraged by the closure of his creation said that his shows are not provocative. Installation artist plans to draw international attention to the exhibition of art to the public.

Earlier in Kiev an exhibition of contemporary art has been already closed . In particular, the project "Apocalypse and the Renaissance." has been also closed

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In Myanmar, censorship of political and religious issues was abolished

The Ministry of Information of Myanmar is going to cancel media censorship of publishing political and religious information, said on Monday the electronic version of the Thai newspaper "Khom Chat lyk."

"Starting from August 20 to all publications that publish political and religious information are exempt from the need to have a preliminary text approval of their posts and articles from the Department of Press Scrutiny and Department of Information Registration " - the newspaper quoted a statement published in Myanmar on Monday of the Ministry.

The newspaper calls the cancellation of political and religious censorship in Myanmar, "a milestone", reminding to readers that censorship existed in the country for 50 years of the military government.

Back in March of this year, Myanmar's Information Minister Kyaw San announced the release of the censorship of newspapers: 173 week and 124 month magazines, according to the publication, but then the Reformers cover only culture, sports, movies, fashion, literature, science and technology publications.

"We will carry out reforms related to the liberalization of the media and freedom of expression, in three stages. Now we are releasing several hundred publications from censorship, this first phase will last until the adoption of a new media law, which repealed the law on media in 1962," - said then minister to Myanmar news agency Seven Media.

According to him, the third will provide methodological and material assistance for the development of existing and established private media.

Myanmar's parliament may pass a new media law before the end of this year, according to the publication.
Liberal reforms in Myanmar came into force in 2011. During the first year of reform in the country thousands of political prisoners were freed , the activities of financial institutions were liberalized,opposition was legalized . Leader of the opposition party the National League for democracy (NLD) and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyiwas were elected to parliament and led not only opposition faction, but also one of the most important parliamentary committees.

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