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Censorship on the Internet: In Tomsk sites, considered as harmful for children were closed.

The decision to close Internet resources was taken to court.

Цензура в Интернете: В Томске закрыты сайты, вредные для детей

In Tomsk ISP has an access to 13 sites, that had instructions for suicide, violence and pornography. Information about this appeared on the website of the General Prosecutor's Office on Tuesday, August 21. The decision was taken to court. such providers as Tomsk Branch of OJSC "Rostelecom", Center "TUCSR-Telecom" Company "Tomtel." execute the decision In Tomsk.

В Томске суд обязал провайдеров закрыть 13 сайтов, содержащих порнографию, сцены насилия и рецепты суицида

Among the Court's material on the blocked sites it can badly affects the "spiritual, moral, mental, and other development of children."

The access to this sites were blocked by filtering IP-addresses.

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