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In Myanmar, censorship of political and religious issues was abolished

The Ministry of Information of Myanmar is going to cancel media censorship of publishing political and religious information, said on Monday the electronic version of the Thai newspaper "Khom Chat lyk."

"Starting from August 20 to all publications that publish political and religious information are exempt from the need to have a preliminary text approval of their posts and articles from the Department of Press Scrutiny and Department of Information Registration " - the newspaper quoted a statement published in Myanmar on Monday of the Ministry.

The newspaper calls the cancellation of political and religious censorship in Myanmar, "a milestone", reminding to readers that censorship existed in the country for 50 years of the military government.

Back in March of this year, Myanmar's Information Minister Kyaw San announced the release of the censorship of newspapers: 173 week and 124 month magazines, according to the publication, but then the Reformers cover only culture, sports, movies, fashion, literature, science and technology publications.

"We will carry out reforms related to the liberalization of the media and freedom of expression, in three stages. Now we are releasing several hundred publications from censorship, this first phase will last until the adoption of a new media law, which repealed the law on media in 1962," - said then minister to Myanmar news agency Seven Media.

According to him, the third will provide methodological and material assistance for the development of existing and established private media.

Myanmar's parliament may pass a new media law before the end of this year, according to the publication.
Liberal reforms in Myanmar came into force in 2011. During the first year of reform in the country thousands of political prisoners were freed , the activities of financial institutions were liberalized,opposition was legalized . Leader of the opposition party the National League for democracy (NLD) and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyiwas were elected to parliament and led not only opposition faction, but also one of the most important parliamentary committees.

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