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Register with the banned sites information is likely to be closed

The Joint Working Group of MPs, representatives of the Ministry of Communications and online community discussed the regulations that are necessary for the entering into force of the mechanism of blocking access to sites with prohibited materials.
Yes we ban! (Photo <noindex> <a target=_blank href=> Gorkem Keser </ a> </ noindex>.)
Yes we ban! (Photo Gorkem Keser .)

State Duma has already approved this initiative. Aims are to "fight against illegal content on the Internet" and protection. In a single register should be made web-based resources for prohibited content: promotion of narcotic and psychotropic substances, child pornography, appeals to suicide, etc.

The federal executive body authorized by the Government will be able to include the list of sites. The new law provides blocking Internet resources by hosting providers and operators of domain names and network addresses. In the second case off instead of one page, and the site as a whole, which could lead to the unavailability of entire web platforms, social networks, etc.

Remains an open question whether the "black list" should be public or private: market participants disagree. The registry should be accessible, otherwise it will not struggle with illegal sites, but on the contrary, their advertising - this is the position of the expert community and the Ministry of Communications. And there must be a public monitoring of the decisions to accept this or that information illegal.

On the other hand, the record does not allow monitoring of its formation - in particular users. Do not exclude the possibility of the "black list" will be closed from the web audience, but is open to operators, hosting providers and Internet companies, who in this case have the ability to track changes in the registry to remove lock from the sites or delete the illegal content .

Mechanism of public control should be possible to verify why this or that resource is not available. This should be a system service like domain name registrars, experts say. It is also asked to create a system for automatically request forwarding, that will redirect the user to a page that explains why the address has been blocked.

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