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The network will be a secret censorship

"Черные списки" сайтов в рунете будут закрытымиBy itself, the Russian policy is a serious distortion of a common sense and essence of the political process. Still less to fear of government interference, when it is held under the auspices of protecting public morals. It is now known that the so-called "black lists of sites" is in a secret. The public can not get to them a free access, which means that there will not be an adequate civilian control over the censor materials.
Implementers of the "On the censorship on the Internet" law , in turn, explain that some public organizations will have the access to the lists .Knowing the Russia specifics, when, under the auspices of NSO hide close to the bureaucratic system fraudsters and extortionists, such explanations can not calm, if we're not interested in creating new jobs for loafers. Risk of doing business in the Russian segment of the web has increased significantly. Alternatively, the I2P network , has not yet developed to create a fully-controlled Internet able to compete. One can only hope that further budget cut of the money thing will not really go down.

The most interesting thing in all of these initiatives is the lack of a public debate. The bill falls on the people’s heads at once, but they can not affect it in any way. As a result, expenditures budget, cost more than accounting services. All this will not bring any apparent profit for the economy. At the same time a goal "moral protection " - is unlikely to be achieved, because if a person is already interested in drugs, suicide and porn, complicating access to the necessary information will hardly abate this interest, on the contrary, will give more incentive for criminal behaviors.

Power in Russia is trying to replace a principle that parents are the main caregiver of any child. The state is unable to restore order in those areas of life in which it has to be restored. Why should we give the right to extend state authority? Let restore order there.

Unfortunately, we do not ask these questions to our bureaucrats. They have forgotten how to communicate with Russian citizens in. They are more interested in cosmic importance projects and in any stupidity.

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