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You should read this perfect article about Internet censorship

On August 15, 2012 there had been posted article titled "Internet Censorship Called A Black Eye for Jordan's Tech Sector" by Nina Curley.

This article tells us the whole truth about Internet Censorship based on real example.

What can be better than real examples and true facts. This article is full of facts and that is why it is awesome.

I strongly recommend to reread this article several times and even bookmark it because it is too long and most probably that some of you cannot read so long article for one time.

Anyway, I think when the article is too long you can lost your concentration. That's why it's much better to divide a long article reading for several days to get the main point of it.

Why the article "Internet Censorship Called A Black Eye for Jordan's Tech Sector" is so good?
1. It is full of real facts
2. It is well structured and it makes it really easy to read and follow the main point
3. The article gives us new information and knowledge about Internet censorship

Enjoy your reading and remember "Who owns the information, owns the world"

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