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Firstly, look at my 7 ways to unblock blocked sites. You will like it.

Bypassing Blocked Sites Gives More Freedom

The notion bypassing blocked sites lies is being regarded scientifically. It has been studied numerously. That’s why have acquired the status of the special science. One can find great number of publications on this theme. Let’s take for example Raene Kaleinani began to study it professionally in 2009.

Bypassing concerns different internet notions and terms. For example bypassing of the firewall and getting the access to the blocked site. It may be done in private place in any type of hot spot, for example in school, at work, at the university. Imagine you are trying to get the access to some site but receive only cancelling of the operation. It is the consequence of the firewall activity. The web access is being greatly restricted by the big companies during the work time, by the university , by the educational systems for variable reasons. There is nothing to do except to follow the rules. But do not get upset it is simple to avoid.

Follow the instructions:

  1. First of all: press the option “Start”, then follow to the next option ”All programs”,, then again press one more option “Command Prompt” afterwards you will see the opened command blank.
  2. The second action is as follows: type “ping” and type the URL you want to access, then press the option “Enter”. But you are to know it won’t do following the quotation marks.
  3. Searching IP address of the website that you have just entered is also recommended. The last action to do is to enter the password as t is displayed in the prompt log of your browser.

As for static information that does not change for the long period of time the best way of bypassing blocked sites is searching for the cached link. The best searching engine for these kinds of operations is Google.

There are a lot of forums where advanced user will help you to decide this difficulty in this or that way. Every user has its own opinion concerning the given situation. Every of them are proved in their words. Some of them advice to use so popular nowadays proxy but it is not the best way out.

Some users how are good informed try to Use VPN service, of course it is also a good option to be applied but everything depends on the situation and on the personal data of your computer.

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Is that Possible to Unblock Sites in Qatar?

Middle East situation makes many east countries’ government reconsidering its policy towards the internet connections. The information leakage leads to the blocking many political and social sites which provide the inner situation information to the world. Let’s take the Qatar, it Arabian country with high number of blocked sites, the information being blocked varies. Internet censorship feels highly. But there is a way out to unblock sites in Qatar.

Qatar official prefer to block even social networks, for example such sites as Facebook, YouTube, it’s all because high risk and criminality in which Qatar population is involved. All the channels are referred to blocking even mobile chatting. The government has a monopoly for it. The same happens with VoIP services for example Skype.

Considering the situation in Qatar helps us in understanding why does it happen. Country’s law system does not allow to access to restricted sites and some network systems. Meanwhile users in other countries have a full freedom in their web transactions. What is the reason of such situation?

The reason is that changing your IP address in Qatar home or office computer one automatically gets the unblocking for some sites while in other countries it’s just the other way out.

In this case the best outline is acquiring the VPN (Virtual Private Network). You may hide your IP differently : changing the address, buying the proxy, but you are to remember that proxy will not provide stable connection, sometimes there can be some pitfalls: low connecting or traffic falling down at all. That’s why they are not so reliable as VPN.

Its service contributes creating the special secure channel or some kind of tunnel with its own ip address which is invisible. This VPN account can really unblock sites in Qatar easily.

What are you to do to acquire it? First of all you are to create private connection, server, than you are to create VPN tunnel , making a link between the server and Pc and setup a guide.

VPN technologies will make your connection secure and high speed, the traffic will be encrypted.

If you have some other questions concerning the ways of unblocking sites of high query for you then address the qualified specialist in the area.

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