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Firstly, look at my 7 ways to unblock blocked sites. You will like it.

What do you think about sending your money over the Internet? Is that secure?

Hi for everyone who reads my blog. Over the past few months I have been searching for a new information.

As a result I have visited some countries all over the World that have some issues about Internet Censorship. I talked to many people and most of them told me that they are not satisfied with that fact.

All people in the Internet first of all care about money transfer. But there are no detailed information about securing this process.

I have found and want to share with you one post telling how to send money anonymously here and I hope it will answer on the most asked questions.

Anyway, if you still have any questions, you can ask me in the comments and I will try to answer you.

P.S. Now I have some experience in this field and have some tech friends who can help me to resolve any issues you might have, so please comment...

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You Chose SmartHide? Be Sure It is Not in Vain!

People put much efforts in order to protect privacy on-line and acquire tools responsible for this.

SmartHide is on-line company which exists since 2006 and it has raised highly among other companies providing safety and on-line security. This is not just a simple statement coming from someone’s point of view it is an up-to-date proved fact. It can be really trusted by numerous users.

SmartHide has grown up much in popularity over several weeks and what’s more there are growing concerns about the information it presupposes for users with different aims and goals of being in the net. During this year over many people from all the world installed this software both on their home and work computer.

SmartHide was founded by co-worked team by applying different methods of modern technologies. The team is really highly devoted to the work they do.

If you ask about the principles of SmarHide operating and why they are used as an emerging business opportunity protecting user’s privacy on-line the only ultimate answer will be to make on-line privacy highly blocked to phishing attacks or some other type of intrusion.

What can SmartHide really propose you in on-line security issues?

The responses can be as follows:

- smart Interface

- fast support and customer service

- unblocking blocked sites

- Wi-fi security

- Internet Traffic Encryption

- paypal payments

- streaming music, video, and downloads support being fully protected

- automatic reconnection if your connection has been suddently stopped

If you have any trouble concerning this or that point list above and not only our team will help at once and with a great pleasure.

Why should people use SmartHide?

Because they like searching the web and social services and communities but are not eager these and other major third-parties to record and track online activity.

Within weeks there had been tens of thousands of installs — without any marketing. Users weren’t just installing, they were reaching out of the importance of the issue of privacy to them. And privacy is meaningful to us too.

If we speak about the future with people paying for tools in order to protect the privacy we will realize that people more and more that all these “free” services are not really free. People will pay for awesome tools helping them in controlling their data.

Locked down are certainly an intriguing idea. However maintaining — and building — a browser is no small feat. New cookies are deleted after you close all incognito windows that you've opened.

SmartHide is such kind of a product which does not require large amounts for annual advertising, qualitative products of the company attract clients after the first purchase. It is not the theory it is a proved information.

Working or chatting in the web people are eager to be anonymous and keep up to private aspects. SmartHide opportunities allow users with different preferences to feel comfortable in the everyday web activity.

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12 possible ways to unblock blocked sites

It has become known that UAE ISP preferred to block its popular community sites in Orkut.

Since that moment has become a lot of request for unblocking it in order to get touch with the world.

Here 12 techniques how to unblock blocked sites:
1. Usage mobile sky fire browser, checking out the post for getting more details.
2. Uploading the files to server (rapidshare).Downloading pagemond from rapidshare. It hrlps to unblock the totally blocked world.
3. Usage of fringe for unblocking orkut or facebook while using mobile.
4. Get the chance to browse sites at workplace. Bypass the Etislat and you will see that works are excellent when you get it in the office. Remember if you download the link t won’t work at the given blocked area everything depends on the settings in it.
5. Look up from time to time to commenter at the blog which writes about latest up -dating concerning proxy websites.
6.Download zip file, then you need to open the html file in Mozilla firefox browser, it will improve the working process. State your mind on that the link one can download s at the second point.
There must be a box in the html file , you can find these types of website addresses and with their help unblock all you need.
7. Browse website without visiting a proxy site. It is possible to find proxies at point 9. Download firefox by transferring a link (one can see it in the internet explorer). Then search the toolbar extension from here. It will add the proxy websites on the browser .
8. Pass to the weblog by ashwin, it will direct you trough vpn connection to get the blocked websites.
9.Best alternative if not blocked–
10.Then be aware of, , . These are the best proxies for browsing orkut. Now they have become moderated with innovative solution.
11. Opera mini simulator may help. Visit this link of opera mini simulator in order to get access of blocked website.
12.Pass to or and to search for software by keywords “anonymous browsers”. There you will get various software and toolbars, which will route your data through country server like Indonesia ,China etc.

These are possible ways to unblock blocked sites. More detailed information and instructions you can get at the specialized websites or requesting the professionals like Arovax LLC. Happy unblocking.

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Bypassing Blocked Sites Gives More Freedom

The notion bypassing blocked sites lies is being regarded scientifically. It has been studied numerously. That’s why have acquired the status of the special science. One can find great number of publications on this theme. Let’s take for example Raene Kaleinani began to study it professionally in 2009.

Bypassing concerns different internet notions and terms. For example bypassing of the firewall and getting the access to the blocked site. It may be done in private place in any type of hot spot, for example in school, at work, at the university. Imagine you are trying to get the access to some site but receive only cancelling of the operation. It is the consequence of the firewall activity. The web access is being greatly restricted by the big companies during the work time, by the university , by the educational systems for variable reasons. There is nothing to do except to follow the rules. But do not get upset it is simple to avoid.

Follow the instructions:

  1. First of all: press the option “Start”, then follow to the next option ”All programs”,, then again press one more option “Command Prompt” afterwards you will see the opened command blank.
  2. The second action is as follows: type “ping” and type the URL you want to access, then press the option “Enter”. But you are to know it won’t do following the quotation marks.
  3. Searching IP address of the website that you have just entered is also recommended. The last action to do is to enter the password as t is displayed in the prompt log of your browser.

As for static information that does not change for the long period of time the best way of bypassing blocked sites is searching for the cached link. The best searching engine for these kinds of operations is Google.

There are a lot of forums where advanced user will help you to decide this difficulty in this or that way. Every user has its own opinion concerning the given situation. Every of them are proved in their words. Some of them advice to use so popular nowadays proxy but it is not the best way out.

Some users how are good informed try to Use VPN service, of course it is also a good option to be applied but everything depends on the situation and on the personal data of your computer.

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Is that Possible to Unblock Sites in Qatar?

Middle East situation makes many east countries’ government reconsidering its policy towards the internet connections. The information leakage leads to the blocking many political and social sites which provide the inner situation information to the world. Let’s take the Qatar, it Arabian country with high number of blocked sites, the information being blocked varies. Internet censorship feels highly. But there is a way out to unblock sites in Qatar.

Qatar official prefer to block even social networks, for example such sites as Facebook, YouTube, it’s all because high risk and criminality in which Qatar population is involved. All the channels are referred to blocking even mobile chatting. The government has a monopoly for it. The same happens with VoIP services for example Skype.

Considering the situation in Qatar helps us in understanding why does it happen. Country’s law system does not allow to access to restricted sites and some network systems. Meanwhile users in other countries have a full freedom in their web transactions. What is the reason of such situation?

The reason is that changing your IP address in Qatar home or office computer one automatically gets the unblocking for some sites while in other countries it’s just the other way out.

In this case the best outline is acquiring the VPN (Virtual Private Network). You may hide your IP differently : changing the address, buying the proxy, but you are to remember that proxy will not provide stable connection, sometimes there can be some pitfalls: low connecting or traffic falling down at all. That’s why they are not so reliable as VPN.

Its service contributes creating the special secure channel or some kind of tunnel with its own ip address which is invisible. This VPN account can really unblock sites in Qatar easily.

What are you to do to acquire it? First of all you are to create private connection, server, than you are to create VPN tunnel , making a link between the server and Pc and setup a guide.

VPN technologies will make your connection secure and high speed, the traffic will be encrypted.

If you have some other questions concerning the ways of unblocking sites of high query for you then address the qualified specialist in the area.

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6 Old Proved Ways for Unblocking Blocked Sites

The situation around blocking web sites stays indifferent for many web users nowadays. Definite Asian countries prefer to block sites of different content which is not allowed in countries regarding to this or that aspect of life. But everyone wants to unblock blocked site.

The list of prohibitions may be rather wide: sexual issues, large and small companies, sites concerning security breaches and so on. Violations are mostly is a ground for prohibition and constitute certain rules for schools and university web attendance. But sometimes appear some kind of situation when you immediately need to appear in the particular site but have no opportunity at all.

In this situation one should apply the following methods:
1. Apply an IP address instead of typing it in the place where the domain name should be.
Typing the specific domain name won’t do , instead of this you are to place the signature address in your computer while it is connected to the web. Using such tools as Netcraft, Whois domain tools will help you to find the ip address of any desirable site.

2. Usage of mobile Web
One can get the mobile version of the blocked site. Mobile version of the phone on your computer can also be useful.

3. Google Cache to find a version of a site
Google’s cache is a good way to see a site that was blocked. Navigation of goggle’s home page will obviously lead you to the site required.

4. Usage of an anonymous web proxy
This proxy hides your identity from the sites being attendable. When you apply a web proxy to visit a blocked site, ip address will be obviously hidden. The anonymous proxy compound the ip address for own purposes. It means that if the place of your living restricts you visiting certain sites you will get a chance to apply the web proxy, but if you happened to find yourself in such situation being abroad then you are to it help there too. Web proxies also encode URLS that you are visiting, which all makes the history of your site attendance untraceable.

5. Usage of translation service
Big cities have more than one language version in their content. It can be found easily by favorite searching engine. The text in foreign languages can be translated to your language since you have found them.

6. RSS reader
It can be used to subscribe to the sites you prefer to see of course if there is a special RSS feed.

The possibilities of searching in the sphere of feed reader of the site are great.

And in the end, I add one more Modern and Easy way of hidding real IP - this is SmartHide. It will help you to unblock blocked site in any spot of the planet. It has portable edition that you can store on USB where ever you go.

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Guide: How to Defeat US DNS Censorship (Using Foxy Proxy)

Our guide series continues with another FireFox plug-in called “Foxy Proxy”. It’s a bit like Tor only you are not connected to a huge network of proxies, but rather, using a single proxy to access the internet. While arguably less secure than using Tor, for using it simply to bi-pass DNS censorship (or even using it to bi-pass geo-blocked websites for that matter), it can be sufficient enough to accomplish simple browsing tasks.

It’s entirely possible that you’ve seen the odd conversation here or there online that had someone say, “Oh, you can just use a proxy for that.” Don’t think you are alone if you felt that it seems easier said than done because you don’t know where to begin. Don’t worry, this guide should show you one way of connecting to a simple proxy.
Using a vanilla proxy can do a few things. One thing is to defeat DNS censorship as suggested in the PROTECT-IP Act. The other is accessing a geo-blocked website. The only difference is that if it’s a censorship thing, simply access a proxy outside of your country. If it’s a geoblocked website, then simply find a proxy within a country that is allowed on that particular website. That’s really the only difference. Don’t worry, just read on if all this sounds confusing. This guide should cover it all.
This guide presumes you are using FireFox. Foxy Proxy for other browsers is apparently in the works, but it appears to be only for FireFox at this time.
Step 1: Download and install Foxy Proxy
Since Foxy Proxy is a plug-in for FireFox, this should really be the easy part. Go to the plug-in download page. Click on “Continue to Download”. On the next page, click on “Add to FireFox” You’ll likely get the following pop-up window:
Click on “Install Now” when the button allows you to. Once it’s installed, you’ll get the following pop-up:
Clicking on “Restart Now” will restart your browser.
Step 2: Find a Proxy
Unlike Tor, you actually have to track down some proxies to use manually. Right now, you should be behind no proxy at the moment when FireFox restarts.
Your Foxy Proxy plug-in should be found to the right of the URL (left of the Google search bar) It’s the little blue fox icon:
Right click on the blue fox and click on “Options”
What you’ll get is the following screen:
The default proxy is merely you. You aren’t really behind any kind of proxy at all. The next part is finding a proxy. There’s to routs one can go here – either using a paid service (generally more reliable) or a free service (more convenient). Paid proxies can be found on the Foxy Proxy website.
For testing purposes so we have an idea of what we are getting in to, we’ll use a free one for now. So, we’ll refer to a free proxy list found on Samair.
On the website, we see lots of different IP addresses. There’s really three pieces of information that you really need (two pieces are essential). You need the server IP address, the port and, optionally, the country it originates from. Let’s, for example, select an Australian proxy. This is what we are looking at:
I’ve underlined the two different parts of the numbers we want. The number being provided is “″. Note the colon sign towards the end of the number. The numbers before the colon is the proxy IP address. The number after the colon is the port number. I’ve also circled the fact that this is an Australian proxy. Just keep that part in the back of your mind for now.
Step 3: Put the Proxy Details into Foxy Proxy
Now that we have the IP address and port, we can start putting in the proxy details into Foxy Proxy. In the Foxy Proxy settings we opened up earlier, click on the “Add New Proxy” button:
In the new window, click on the “General” tab. Once in that tab, you can click on the text box next to the “Proxy Name” and name the proxy. I think it’s helpful to name them after the countries they come from. I was unoriginal and named it, “Australian Test Proxy”. Towards the bottom of the window, you can modify the color you want to use for this proxy. Not only will it modify the color box in the proxy list in the preferences, but it will also modify the font color in the Foxy Proxy menu when you click on the blue fox icon in your browser. Since yellow, blue and red are already in use, I’ve decided to use green instead. Alternatively, you can just input the hex number of the color you want if you don’t want to use the color picker. Ultimately, this is just a personal preference thing for what you want to see.
Now, click on the “Proxy Details” tab. Next to the “Host or IP Address”, type in the IP address for the proxy you’ve decided to use. In our example, it’s simply “″. Now, next to “Port”, put in the port number. In our case, it was merely “80″. To avoid typo’s, just use copy and paste to make things easier. That should be it. Now click on OK.
You’ll get a new dialogue box. Just click on “OK”
In the remaining options menu. You’ll probably notice the new proxy in the list. Just note that if you think you got something wrong with the settings, you can always go back to this window, click on that particular proxy and click on “Edit Selection” to change anything. If you’re happy with your proxy, just click on “Close”
Step 4: Test the Proxy
Since we are using a free proxy, it makes sense to test it, right? Open a new tab in FireFox and type in the address bar, “”. You should be directed to the plain old Google you are use to in your own country.
Now, right click on the little blue fox and click on your test proxy (this should make the Foxy Proxy icon spin around in circles)
Now, using your test Google tab, re-type in “” in the address bar and hit enter. The Google page that comes up should reflect what country the proxy you use originates from.
Just remember, we are using public proxies. Not all will be reliable and some may be slow. You can always use a different proxy as well. Not all public proxies are reliable. Not all commercial proxies are perfect either. If you use a commercial proxy, shop around and look for user reviews to get a better idea of how good the service is.
Some Final Thoughts
Ultimately speaking, you are relying on someone else to cover your tracks and hide your identity. There is no guarantee of safety. Does the owner of that proxy scrub all data? Can the owner of the proxy hand over any evidence against you over to the police? I don’t think anyone can say, for certain, “Yes” to the first question and “No” to the second question for all proxies in general.
Still, if you want to get around website censorship in a given country or bi-pass geo-blocking for general browsing, then sure, this is probably a sufficient method. If you are expecting complete anonymity, I wouldn’t recommend using this particular method for that.
While the security aspects might be less than what you would expect for something like Tor, it does allow you to control which proxy you are using more directly. With Tor, it’s a bit more like a lottery where you can, more or less, pick a random proxy. With Foxy Proxy, you get to manually select which proxy you want to use and use that proxy whenever you want (so long as the proxy is still running of course) So, really, the question is, do you want something with an aspect of anonymity or something with more direct functionality when it comes to using proxies? Both will defeat general DNS censorship, it’s just really a matter of what “flavor” you want.
For now, I would say this would be an effective way to defeat general DNS censorship on the ISP level.


Liked this post?Why not to Subscribe to Unblock Blocked Site news by Email for FREE in Ulyanovsk has been blocked.

An Internet provider in Ulyanovsk blocked the access to

Earlier it was informed that access to the page of Aleksey Navalny is blocked. Navalny is the author of anti-corruption project “RosPil”. Meanwhile the other pages of the resource had been loading as good as well.

“” informed that all the pages of the sight were blocked because of FSB’s prescription. The reasons of such requirement of organs of security are still unknown.

At the moment the problem of unblocking of blocked web sites is rather actual mostly because of censorial frameworks in some Asian and European countries. A great deal of services which give an access to forbidden resources are being created now.

Russia is not an exception. The entering of censorial frameworks is expected in this country.

Fund “Public Opinion” released new data of Runet audience . It includes 32,7 mln. people which is 29% of the country’s population. Market of online advertising develops dynamically in Russia. That’s why businessmen all over the world rise up against brutal censorship.

If they managed to urge your local provider to block a number of most important social and informational web pages do not give up here is a way out. One can use popular SmartHide software which allows you not only to change IP address but also encodes the data transited in the net. It will make your life safer. It mostly refers to all web operations concerned with money and purchases. In most cases defended connections (https) are object of carder’s attacks.

Just now you can buy SmartHide with 10% discount up to June 2011, go to link given below in paste the following code : springdiscount
SmartHide is an excellent decision of the safety of home and work Internet. They guarantee the return of money if you do not appreciate the services.

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