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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- in Ulyanovsk has been blocked.

An Internet provider in Ulyanovsk blocked the access to

Earlier it was informed that access to the page of Aleksey Navalny is blocked. Navalny is the author of anti-corruption project “RosPil”. Meanwhile the other pages of the resource had been loading as good as well.

“” informed that all the pages of the sight were blocked because of FSB’s prescription. The reasons of such requirement of organs of security are still unknown.

At the moment the problem of unblocking of blocked web sites is rather actual mostly because of censorial frameworks in some Asian and European countries. A great deal of services which give an access to forbidden resources are being created now.

Russia is not an exception. The entering of censorial frameworks is expected in this country.

Fund “Public Opinion” released new data of Runet audience . It includes 32,7 mln. people which is 29% of the country’s population. Market of online advertising develops dynamically in Russia. That’s why businessmen all over the world rise up against brutal censorship.

If they managed to urge your local provider to block a number of most important social and informational web pages do not give up here is a way out. One can use popular SmartHide software which allows you not only to change IP address but also encodes the data transited in the net. It will make your life safer. It mostly refers to all web operations concerned with money and purchases. In most cases defended connections (https) are object of carder’s attacks.

Just now you can buy SmartHide with 10% discount up to June 2011, go to link given below in paste the following code : springdiscount
SmartHide is an excellent decision of the safety of home and work Internet. They guarantee the return of money if you do not appreciate the services.

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