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UNO decided to control Internet

The Internet is familiar to everyone. Nowadays Internet content is very important, that is why all world powers want to control it.

So, who will control it?

Today the main Internet regulators are several American non-government organizations. they are IETF, W3C and ICANN. Officially they do not depend on governmental and intergovernmental organizations. But practically American authorities have a great influence on them.

Russia, China, India, Brazil and Iran are the countries that support the extension of ITU power. USA afraid that if this countries get the right to influence the Network regulatory policy they will limit the freedom of speech and raise censorship.

Independent Internet in fact is between the devil and the deep sea. The regulated companies are in the USA and they are influenced by the American Power. From the other side if the Iran, China or Saudi Arabia get the right to vote it is unlikely that the Internet will be as free as now.

Washington worries the possibility of the Internet control transfers to UNO as it  was announced by the USA State Deputy. According to experts Americans concerns primary are connected with economic interests. Huge American Internet corporations want to influence on rules that regulates the Internet. In general experts believe that the USA opinion is a combined position of all biggest Internet companies.

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The - the portal that is created to contain censored materials

“Reporters without borders” created a special web-site where it is possible to publish materials that are not allowed for publication because of the censor. DW representatives found out how this resource is arranged.

The aim of the Internet-portal, that is created by the initiative of the non-government organization, is to fight with censorship. This project is financed by the EU, Paris authorities and voluntary. This site contains journalists and bloggers materials that were not permitted for the publication due to the censorship in the authoritarian regime’s countries.

“We think that it is necessary to create an Internet-portal contains censored materials”, - said Matthias Spielkamp, the director of “Reporters without borders” organization in the interview with DW. However according to Spielkamp, authors of the site are not going to make it as a data base or a platform for a “leak” of official documents like Wikileaks portal for example.

On the site anyone who wishes can download and send the material to administrators anonymously. For this aim you need a special account. According to Matthias Spielkamp, it is only about the information, that wasn’t published in Media due to the absence of the freedom of speech in some countries.

Online articles and videos have the information about its origin and the reason of its censored. If an article is written not in English or in French than it have to be translated into one of this languages.  According to Spielkamp, the edition do not publish all the materials. “The editor check whether information is a truth or not”, - explains Spielkamp.

The first published article on this site belongs to Omar Brouksy from Morocco. He is not allowed to work officially as a journalist in his country. The government deprived him of the accreditation in the beginning of October 2012 because of the critical material about the royal family role during the elections. Also this site contains a video about the explosion on the ammunition depot in Turkmenia,  about which the Turkmen media hardly reported.

By this means, according to Matthias Spielkamp words, the site team is trying to secure publication’s authors. All photographs and videos allocated on the site can be easily copied. Besides, users can find the link in the network.

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