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The Internet censorship in Russia

103 criminal offences of network’ users, 208 facts of administrative burden and 609 cases of access limitation was registered by legal annalists of inter-regional human rights association “Agora” in 2012. They registered 47 cyber attacks per year, 27 civil claims concerning bloggers and 49 politics and authorities offers of Internet regulation. In comparison, in 2011 it was registered 38 criminal offences, 173 acts of administrative burden, 231 cases of access limitation, 31 cyber attacks, 11 suits and 5 net regulation offers. The total amount of Internet freedom violation comparing with the last year raised almost on 2.5 times (500 - in 2011, 1197 - in 2012).
It was for the first time when the Internet started to be considered by the Russian government as a source of the threat of its wellbeing and stability. It was indicated by the increased number of limitation cases and offers of Internet regulation none of which do not include freedom guarantee but was aimed at straightening of the control and introduction of new types of censorship, as it was said in the “Russia as a global threat for the free Internet” report published by the “Agora” Association.

It was registered a big increase of cases concerning Internet freedom limitation by the Russian authorities that can be seen practically in all areas. Besides the report analyses crimes against bloggers and Internet-activists and also the investigation of these facts and Internet-censorship.

2012 became critical for the Russian Internet which quickly leave the periphery of political life, demonstrated the great opportunities for the self-organization of active citizens, and thus attracted the attention of the authorities. The closest fight for free Runet is going to be in spring when in the spring when the Duma scheduled a discussion of the law “About the Internet” - forecast in the report the legal analysts Association Agora.

Human rights activists say that in comparison with the last year the number of federal subjects, in which the Internet right is systematically limited have increased. In 2011, there were 35 subjects, in 2012 - 38. Meanwhile, the number of subjects in which users are experiencing pressure ( violations highlighted on the map in red color) increased from 4 to 9.

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