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The most taboo subjects for children on the Internet

The most taboo subjects for children on the InternetIn today's world kids "walk" on the Internet as freely as in their own backyard. However, the danger lies in what is waiting for them on the web.

In anticipation of the school spring break, "Kaspersky Lab" made a rating of the hottest taboo for children on the Internet.

In March of 2012 in Russia on average per day there were more than 800,000 "Parental Control" operations, that is intended to protect children from inappropriate content online. Such statistics are obtained by using the "cloud" monitoring systems and rapid response to threats to computer KasperskySecurityNetwork.

This month, most popular their attempts were to visit porn sites (just over 400 000 operations per day), secondly they were trying to download pirated software (nearly 160 000 operations). This is followed by blocking access to social networks (more than 125,000 attempts).

The top five also includes the operation to visit the pages that contain foul language, as well as gambling sites (33 744 response).

At the 6th place was the category "Weapons" with an average of 27,136 requests per day. Many minors are not averse to secret from their parents to buy something online, using, for example, their bank card. In March, there were 15,082 children attemps tovisit online stores. This category was on the 7th place in the rankings "by Kaspersky Lab."

Such subject as "Violence" totals more than 12 000 times (8 th place in the list). Advanced kids doing their best to circumvent the prohibitions of their parents and use anonymous web proxy (to bypass sites restrict access to certain resources). However, the "Parental Control" blocks them as well.
Attempts to access the "Games for All" in this month blocked an average of 4509 times. For other reasons the "Parental Control" refers to attempts to access the chat rooms, forums, and web-based email, as well as attempts to use the payment system (for about 14 000 closures).

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Myspace Bypass Proxy. Check it out NOW!

Are you going to check out favorite profile bypassing firewall filters? The perfect answer for you is Using it you can bypass any filter at any place and avoid any problem that disturbs you from reaching the necessary information. Surfing the Internet without any annoying restrictions or tracking, avoiding annoying script that bases on malware this is what you want.

Whether you are in the internet or at home or at work you have nothing to do you can just transfer from page to page wondering the interesting pages. Entertainment: skipping from page to page, watching videos on YouTube, visiting accounts and profiles that is the perfect pastime.

But there is a tendency in modern companies and educational organizations to prevent their users from visiting some internet point inappropriately. They use to hold their employees productive and concentrated on what they do instead of wandering on interesting webpages or studying and researching. In order to gain it they use internet filters in computers.

The very important question is how to bypass internet filters?

One of the most comfortable ways of doing this is proxy server, which is usually anonymous. Using it you will be able to get around the internet filters as you desire. Basically it acts like a middle man in transactions. It helps to enter the restricted sites and makes it so that it is not you who enters the sites it hides the user who enters every forbidden site. It is a rather “thinking system”.

Some sites of course are rather complicated to be bypassed but nevertheless most of them are being passes with the help of filters.

Nowadays one may download the internet filters from proxy servers and install them.

So in case you got bored at school or at office and have a lot of free time try to access the restricted sites such as Myspace, YouTube, and others which are considered to be save and will keep you entertained. You will see that you will be allowed to view many interesting sites that have been earlier forbidden for you.

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