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Victims of censorship in South Korea

Liberal especially if to compare with its Northern neighbor, South Korea has shown a musical giant, a rapper PSY who wins the tops of videos in YouTube with his new song «Gentleman».

Millions of people around the world love so much his frivolous dancing movements. However, as it turned out, not all Koreans appreciate his work. We are going to tell you about popular South Korean music videos that are prohibited for the strangest reasons.

South Korea took 44th place of 179 on the freedom of the press and the Internet for the year 2012. State regulation within reasonable limits ever-present in the lives of Koreans. When trying to visit prohibited for gambling or pornography sites Korean see a note "this site is blocked by the state law." Korean authorities are especially attentive to extremism and promotion of alcohol and sexual violence among young people.

As it is known the previous Pak Jae-Sana known as PSY song, , «Right Now» was banned for the promotion of alcohol among Koreans under 19 years. In particular, the rejection of the guardians of morality has caused the words "life is toxic as alcohol." As stated, this line of the song encourages crime and drinking of alcoholic beverages to minors.

However the logic of Korean censors in this case is more or less clear for Western viewer. However, not all the rules by which acts Korean censorship, are transparent to the Europeans. Thus, five of the strangest cases when popular music videos of Korean pop stars have been banned or have age restrictions:

1) «Love Song» by Rain. The reason for the ban is simple. The main hero ran along the middle of the road violating traffic rules.

2) «How Dare You» by «Sistar». The group consists of four good looking girls. In the video, they dance on stage with stripper poles (pylons). That was the cause of the ban.

3) «Chitty Chitty Bang Bang» by Lee Hyori. To make the video better, it was decided to involve the choreography: a group of girls to dance in the bus. During the whole video they are moving along the cabin and do not use seat belts, which also violates rules of the road.

4) «Knock Out» by G.D ft. T.O.P was banned because of the slang words. The song was banned twice because of incorrect, according to the Korean moralists’ phrases in the text: "Send all your friends back home" and "I'm waiting for you right here."

5) And finally, one of the most controversial cases - a composition «Freeze» hip-hop group «Block B.