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Censorship and the procedure?

On September 1, the law that is going "to protect children from information harmful to their health and development," comes into force and along with this TV producers made a lists of "forbidden words."

TV stations began to warn in advance of the company-producers of content on the inadmissibility of the use of their products in a number of words and expressions, stressing that the use of taboo language is unacceptable, and the widespread nowadays.

Along with taboo language there were words like “penis” or "prick", "muhosranske", "hell", "ass", "hemorrhoids", "gay" (and its many aliases, including "blue" ) and others.

In July, the National Association of Broadcasters has asked the State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin to postpone the adoption of the law at least on a year, but it doesn’t have a success. "The law contains a large number of subjective and highly controversial provisions, and the fact that the mechanisms for the implementation of the major provisions of the law are not clearly defined, and the by-laws, to which there are links, not yet adopted, we consider it necessary to postpone the introduction of the law in force for a period not less than one calendar year, "- Sergei Naryshkin said in letter.

In addition, broadcasters pointed out that in the current version the law will forbid children to see, for example, most of the military-patriotic films, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" (in the film vagrancy romanticized is shown) and "Just you wait! "(Wolf constantly smokes).

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