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The Censorship age

Dear readers, in this article another innovation will be discussed. Some of the materials like "Home Newspaper" are marked by special signs "+" denoting the age at which you can not read the aforesaid articles.
These rules dictate a new federal law "On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development", which comes into force on September 1 of this year. It was signed for the first time on December 29, 2010 almost two years ago. Probably, it was assumed that during this time some techniques will be developed , according to the publisher. But! The law comes into force this week, but there are no methods or at least a recommendations how to use this law.

The formulation of the law is so strange that the category of "6 +" for example, old Russian tales have a description of the physical and mental violence ..." - according to a quote from the Federal Law № 436), under the "12 +" gets a harmless (it seemed of course!) "Gingerbread Man" (that shows the process of loss of life), and almost all the work of Korney Chukovsky would have to be marked with the sign of the most stringent "16 +" …

No doubt, in the sea of ​​information, where everyone dip our children, there are so many ... (I almost said the word, that instantly sends this phrase in the category of "16 +") ... excrement, that the adoption of the law was necessary and justified. The lawyers of our newspapers couldn’t find someone who would be able to describe the algorithm of the application of this law.

And another aspect of the double-meaning of the law: when I was young, as they say today, a teenager, the writings on a movie "Children under 16" even more fired my imagination. And I, by any means was trying to see it. Whether will the introduction of this law will have the opposite effect? Would not it made a child to start searching on the Internet a string of characters "16 +"?
16 +

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