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Too many countries speak about the dangers of free Internet - Estonia

Speaking to delegates of the 67th session of the UN General Assembly, the President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves highlighted the role of ICT in promoting human rights. He reported that for the third consecutive year, leading his country in terms of "freedom of the Internet."

Estonian President highlighted the role of modern media in the perception of the war and peace problems. He remind that in the middle of the last century, during the Crimean War have been made the first major picture stories from the battlefields. President Ilves added that with the new media it is even more difficult to conceal war crimes, both on the battlefield and beyond.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves emphasized that modern technology "delivered to your home the reality and horror of war." He believes that we should recognize the important role of technology in promoting human rights. The Head of State stressed that freedom of expression - is a human right everywhere - in the town square, in the press or in the virtual space.

The president said that Estonia also intends actively to discuss issues of Internet freedom in the Human Rights Council, the UN, where to that effect this year a resolution was adopted. President called the resolution a milestone, because the fundamental rights in the virtual world must be protected as aggressively as in the real world.

Ilves said that in today's world there are warring situation related with the Internet governance. According to him, too many countries speak about the dangers of free Internet in terms of security. According to the Estonian president, the truth is that the virtual space security has to to prevent the damage that can be caused by the actions of governments or criminals, but not to deprive the peaceful people the opportunity to express their opinions, gather information, or exchange ideas .

Estonian President recalled that five years ago his country has a cyber attack, which was called the first war in the web space, but "we do not support the strict regulation and censorship in cyber space." Toomas Hendrik Ilves said that Estonia, along with the 42 other countries, signed the agreement "open government partnership", which aims are to maximize the potential of new technologies to improve governance and fight corruption. The country used the information revolution to achieve strengthening of rules.

According to the President, Estonia - the first country where it is possible to participate in parliamentary and local elections concerning the Internet. Several months ago, the country has a census of the population - mostly in the online form. This year, about 90% of Estonian taxpayers completed their tax returns in the Internet. The President said that the e-government, e-school, medical prescriptions - are all examples of innovations that makes the public services be more accessible, helps to reduce costs, prevent and suppress corruption.

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