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Internet censorship around the world

In fact, anyone can buy a cheap proxy server subnet in the U.S. and Europe, as well as in other countries, and use it to their advantage. A feature of such servers is their anonymity.

Internet censorship is hiding under the name of "Internet filters", " parental control" or "safe search".
Firstly it appeared for the safety from the web supported parents, then censorship became political. 

Ø The worldwide filtering. Powerful filtering performs public contracts. It blocks any sites with unwanted information, particularly in foreign languages. Internet police starts from the moment you enter text in the search box. It blocked even the world-famous encyclopedia «Wikipedia» and the search engine "Google ". This filtering closes news sites and email, creates own protocol of the Network of Violation of the law involves criminal liability. Such a system operates in China, Iran, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, Syria, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba. 

Ø A significant level of filtering. Filter does not work with sites, which undermine national governments, promote pornography, drugs, gambling, religious causing harm. These are the rules of the Internet in Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Korea, Oman, Sudan and Yemen. 

Ø The nominal level of filtering. Filtering technologies are applied at the level of institutions (schools, libraries). They can block parts of the country, closed sites, inciting inter-ethnic strife. The system has its own lists of banned sites. This is how the Internet in the United States, France, Germany, Great Britain. 

Ø Indirect filtering. Entering time attack on the site on national holidays and elections. Attack may be organized by hackers from anywhere in the world. This scheme is typical for Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Israel, Egypt and Palestine.

It is hard to say whether the censorship is a public interest, or prohibits civil liberties. Most analysts find it difficult to choose a position. However, in the 25 countries we can notice the rise of political and social censorship. Perhaps this will increase, as studies, conducted by leading universities in the U.S., covered only 40 states. 22 countries signed an intergovernmental agreement on combating counterfeit trade. Battle for copyright fundamentally changes the position of the Internet. Every country on the pretext of protecting their traditions makes the laws impact on Internet resources. Civil society forms an organization fighting for freedom of access to information Confrontation for independent Internet.
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