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Online Censorship Bills

Two bills pave their way through the congress in an attempt to put down on-line piracy and file-sharing.

The Stop Online Piracy Act is the most famous in the House. His counterpart in the senate is PLto clamp down or in other words Protect IP Act. These bills are controversial, there is a good reason of it.

Big tech companies oppose the bills. Many of them will soon has something to do with it. Major online giant webhosting like has given its own lesson after announcing the support for SOPA. This bill is being regarded by critics as effective web censor.

Support for the bill provided by GoDaddy leads to the Reddit users who came with threats for pulling domains from the web host, activeness .

The on-line grassroots can’t be underestimated. Hacker ingenuity, simple boycotts aginst things that happen in a real time, censorship bills are similar to the SOPA and are not able to stop it.

GoDaddy has overcome this protest barrier, customer threatening in taking their money. Good for them, there is plenty of other good reasons not to give the money.

Hackers and internet junkies can find some ways for ceasing corporations from supporting such bills and giving a pressure on a few officials, it makes necessary a great number of Americans to have more knowledge of the bills.

Reddit is a good example of a site that has become far more than simply a social network or a link-sharing utility, it has grown into a real online service.

There is a belief in a human ingenuity and the power of innovation. Modern technology makes it able for tyrants, bureaucrats to clamp down our privacy, freedom. Security and privacy balance and the difference between them is not a black and white thing, it is not a controversy for solving.

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