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Internet must be under the control

There was a day in November branded as “American Censorship Day” , it is a day of opposing current legislation in Senate and the House of Representatives which is supposed to represent Internet control.
HR 3261 content more known as Stop online Piracy Act (SOPA) aims to “eliminating the financial incentive of stealing mental property on-line” , it makes possible to cease advertisers from providing money to some domain names hosting illegal material according to copyright laws.

The bill also states that if a site does not provide any attempts for taking down infringing materials, Internet service such as time warner or AT&T is able to give blocking for some users from visiting websites.

There is no much attention paid for the bill that blurs the line between allowing censorship and protecting mental property. It is because the bill does not distinguish how a domain claims responsibility for the information that it is being posted by own users.

The bill also does not take any mention to the content information that is not so expressive.

In other words the legislation does not target websites specifically.

The attempt on behalf of the government regulates all that is viewed by American citizens on the Internet.

According to the possibilities of the House of Representatives Matthew Jarvis, a CSUF political science professor draws up the bill without intending to pass it. Jarvis cited an attempt for reinstating military draft in 2004. The bill did not pass, it has been taken to make a statement.

Most of Congress members did not approve it for taking a stand, because the bill may fall along the same lines।

One more thing is to be added HR 3261 has some committee hearings that does not make possible to set the date for voting according the bill.

All this is recent proposal of the government in the frames of taxing and censorship control regulations in the Internet.

Now it is obvious HR 3261 is simply a proposal that is not voted on. There can be a debate concerned with cons and pros of the web. That is why HR 3261 should be debated or even protested.

I oppose the web is being controlled and regulated. The Internet should be overly regulated, Internet relates the business being effected from overtaxation. Internet service may sometimes effect the economy.

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