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The Government of Bahrain tightening media censorship

Authorities arrest those who disagree with the regime.

The Bahrain Information Minister Sameera Rajab stated that the government is preparing a series of laws aimed at fighting with the "incorrect" mass media using.

Note that in Bahrain, as well as in some other countries in the region, in response to protests related to the "Arab Spring" were tightened state censorship.

In connection with the adoption of tougher measures, the Minister Rajab said: "Those who call themselves activists in the struggle for freedom of Bahrain, distorting the real situation in the country. They claim that the government gives in to torture everyone who disagreed with the regime and that the Security Service tracks the opposition. Such anti-government activists spread their appeals through the media and social networks. So this can not be continued. The law must be above of everything".

The adoption of tougher measures justifies the existence of censorship.

However, as noted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a law regulating the new rules of government censorship, is not yet in force, but the government has already begun the persecution of dissenters. On 6 June this year, was detained Bahraini Nabeel Rajab (Nabeel Rajab) on charges of anti-government statements on the networking site Twitter.

According to the civil services Rajab posted in his account on Twitter a message in which he called on acting Prime Minister to resign voluntarily.

Rajab attorney said that the government had no right to detain his client, as the Criminal Procedure Code provides for the arrest of Bahrain only in those cases, if a person is suspected of committing a felony. For the offense committed by his client, according to a lawyer, Rajab were required to pay a fine.

Note that this is the second Nabeel Rajab arrest in the past few months. In May, he was arrested on charges of distributing anti-government statements on Twitter. Then Rajab was released on bail.
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