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Ethiopia Announced Skype Illegal

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Ethiopia announced Skype illegal

The use of voice communication services via the Internet (VoIP) in Ethiopia was banned. According to "Al Jazeera", the law came into force on May 24 has, however, the international media found out about the history until now.

Fall under the ban, in particular, services such as Skype and Google Talk.Their users, says TV can go to jail for up to 15 years. The country's authorities explain this step to national security and maintaining a monopoly of local telecommunications companies.

How to add TechCrunch, the law also grants the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology the right to monitor and issue licenses to all non-state companies in the country importing the equipment used to transmit information.

June 7 organization "Reporters without Borders," said also, that the only Internet provider of Ethiopia, the state-owned Ethio-Telecom, set the filter to use the service subscribers Tor. Tor allows you to go online anonymously and bypass restrictions set by providers.

As of the 2010 Internet access was at least one percent of Ethiopians.

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