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Dropbox Will Not Share the Pirated Files

By post The Verge, a popular service to store and synchronize files Dropbox revealed censorship.
On the example of a document leaked from Microsoft about the Xbox, Microsoft is trying to clean up from all sites on the Internet, it became clear that for the files listed in the black (ie, zakopiraycheny) list, you can not get a public link "for all". In disable shared folders between users of this file can be located.
Membership of the file to the banned material, it seems, is determined by the checksum file, not on its immediate content. Thus, a slight change to the file can bypass restrictions.
Dropbox even stricter work with shared files. So, with the first of August new customers will not see the function of "public folders".New users will be able to generate a guest links to folders and files, as before, but these references will not be able to make a straight. That is, we can not get the link to an image to insert it into an HTML page or a forum as a picture. A link can be published only as text, and after the transition to her people see the content inside the site Dropbox. 
This, presumably, will help "Dropboksu" better control over the handouts with its service content, to attract new customers and dramatically increase the viewing of the site.

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