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Firstly, look at my 7 ways to unblock blocked sites. You will like it.

Free Download “Hotspot Shield” to Unblock all Blocked site

There is a excellent freeware program named “Hotspot Shield” This Freeware software encrypt all internet connections. Help to all User access all blocked site, Country like U.A.E, and other Arab world always blocked too many site, but “Hotspot Shield” unblocked all site.

Once the program is installed to your computer, it creates an Icon on your desktop. Click on the ICON to open your Web browser, “Hotspot Shield” will connect to your internet connection, overall,

You can now enjoy “Hotspot Shield” 100% free VPN security!

Access all favorite content privately, Secure your web session with HTTPS encryption, Hide your IP address for your privacy online, Protect yourself from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, Secure your data & personal information online

Enjoy Hotspot Shield for free and share it with friends

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sajid said...

i am like good software

rockyrostar joy said...

I used
VPN services of when I recently visited UAE. I also used same VPN
services when I was in China last year. Problem with opera is that blocked
site not blocked employer but
government of these countries so only VPN can open blocked site there. The
service is fast and reliable. Downloading speed provided is also awesome.

Angel Abiha said...

How To Use Block Sites On Google Chrome....?

How To Use Block Websites On Mozilla Firefox?

Ann Moroz said...

I absolutely agree that vpn is the best solution to access blocked sites in UAE. I have tried sahrzad service for opening blocked sites and it worked great for me.

Ann Moroz said...

I am using vpn to access blocked sites. I have tryied several services. Now I am using Sahrzad vpn service and it works fine for me.

Ann Moroz said...

Find the article about vpn for Dubai 2015: