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In Russia a law on Internet censorship is in action from now on

Ukrainian experts are concerned that the ASE can adopt the "experience" of colleagues

On the first of November in Russia a controversial law on Internet censorship came into force. Experts say that in fact, it is now to have a blacklist of sites with controversial content. According to the authority’s instructions, providers need to block these sites. The Russian State Duma officially declared that it is important to monitor the work of sites to protect children from inappropriate information. However, experts have already dubbed the new law as an attempt to control a speech freedom. According to Die Presse, currently in Russia the main opposition websites are locked and regarded as extremist.

According to this publication, the law is fraught with the possibility of potential control over all traffic data of users registered in Russia. "Mail, websites, chat rooms - in the future the authorities will be able to record easily all the data and manipulate it", according to "Media News" referring to Die Presse. Using advanced software, service after the call "from authorities" can not only be control the data turnover on the Internet, but also filter the information to block certain services. And yet it is legally.

Interestingly, not the best legislative initiative of Russia State Duma deputies, seem willing to find a support from their Ukrainian counterparts. According to the Facebook page of the MP Lesya Orobets the "majority" of the Ukraine Verkhovna Rada again try to "push through" the bill number 6523, which will cover the sites for seven days without trial.
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