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“We do not work with censors”

American Jimmy Wales, the one who founded Wikipedia commented in not a very good way the Russian Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (ROSKOMNADZOR) actions that included the Internet encyclopedia in the blacklist of sites and demand to change or delete more than 10 articles on Russian and English languages. Earlier Wales not only refused to change something in these articles but he also announced that “it is better to block than to let someone to censor”.
«С цензорами не сотрудничаем»
In the response to “Moskovskie Novosti” question “Doesn’t it better to delete one article instead of depriving millions of people from access to information?” Wales said: “Maybe it is be better for government to stop its foolish campaign that blocks the access to articles from the encyclopedia for people who love it”.

The founder of the Wikipedia is doubt, that his encyclopedia will be closed in Russia. “No one can be so silly to block the whole encyclopedia, introducing by such actions censorship on the fundamental information”, - answered Wales.

If talking about Russian version of Wikipedia, where there is information about Cannabis in one of publications, and that became the reason for Roscomnadzor decision, Jimmy Wales noted that “the better way to fight with drugs using is to spread the information about how it is dangerous”.

He told about “main principle” of his brainchild – not to work with censors. And made an example: “We were blocked in China during several years until they understand everything and started to block only certain pages, instead of the whole site. We still do not help them in such actions, but we cannot prohibit them to infringe interests of their own nation”.

He also noted that the Wikipedia policy is based on the fact that all the articles should be neutral, and Russian Wikipedia is not exclusion. “By the way, concerning placing of disputable materials, Wikipedia is guided only by laws of Florida, USA where our servers are situated.

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