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The authorities of the country advise citizens to refuse using Facebook so that not to become an American intelligence service’ informants

Moscow. July 11. INTERFAX.RU - Venezuelans citizens are urged to refuse using Facebook, the social network. According to the Minister of the country's prisons Mary Iris Varela’s words, using the world's largest social network one can become a foreign spy.

"Venezuelans! Turn off your Facebook accounts so that not to become unwilling US informants. Please pay attention to the Snowden’ case" - wrote the minister in his Twitter.

A former agent of CIA the U.S. National Security Agency, Edward Snowden revealed the secret data about the PRISM system, with the help of which the U.S. intelligence agencies have access to the correspondence and personal data of the Facebook, Google, Apple and other large Internet company’s users in the U.S.

Snowden also revealed some details about U.S. intelligence spying on foreign partners from Japan, the EU and other countries. U.S. intelligence agencies, in particular, intercepted telephone calls and messages from the EU Delegation in New York and Washington, and were even able to get access to communication systems of the administration buildings of the European Union in Brussels.

The information leakage organized by Snowden has caused a major international scandal. The U.S. authorities accused the former intelligence officer of theft of government property, unauthorized disclosure of the information about the national security and the deliberate transmission of the intelligence service’ security data to outsiders.

Location of Snowden, who left the country in May and came to Hong Kong, is not known. In June, Snowden flew to Moscow, and now according to some information, he is still in the transit area of ​​the airport "Sheremetyevo".

Facebook - the world's largest social network - regularly suffers from attempts to censor it. The access to Facebook is limited by Syria, for several times, it became the victim of Internet censorship in China, the social network also is blocked in Iran and Egypt. Also Facebook was repeatedly blocked in Tajikistan.

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