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Unblock aol browser in Saudi

Many people in Saudi Arabia have difficulties with the Internet accessing and this is not a news. Government and politicians have their own view on this issue.

The same thing happens all over the World. People are searching for a solution in this battle between Internet providers and Internet users. So, who will win?

Actually, Internet Providers do not create their own rules, they only follow Government directions. That is why we should understand the politic of Internet Providers.

If you know the enemy it means you know the ways out. One of the ways out to unblock aol browser in Saudi is using a special software called "Hide IP Soft" that are created specially to help people to use their favorite Internet software without restrictions.

One of such softwares is a well known software SmartHide that can unblock blocked site easily with one mouce click.

You may find lots of Hide IP Soft on the Web unblocking blocked sites, but most of them use simple Proxy Servers lists rather than dedicated servers.

All you need to know is that you have a way to unblock aol browser in Saudi. Even if you do not know what to do, you may always contact me directly or post a comment and I will answer all your questions FOR FREE.

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Anonymous said...


I m saudi , here in Miami will leave after few days
and I want to find solution for unblock blocked sites like

I think AOL ha software that I can log in and use internet as if I m in USA .

so thank you

Steve Samerson said...

its better to use SmartHide or any other hide IP. It will help you to unblock blocked sites easily and fastly.