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China blocks Twitter

In preparation for the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4th, China authorities decided to close up the access to the most widespread social services such as:

- Blogger
- YouTube has been blocked in March of this year
- Wordpress
- Twitter
- Bing - Microsoft's new search engine
- many other social services

Sad to say, but a lot of young Chinese do not know nothing about the event of June 4th 1989. This is a problem for many business man and woman who are dealing with Internet.

As usual, I recommend you to Unblock Blcoked Sites with service as I always use it while visiting countries where Internet services are blocked.

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Smokey said...

maybe we've got it all wrong -- maybe China is actually blocking these sites in an attempt to bring as much attention to the Tiananmen Square massacre as possible...

Unblock Blocked Site Admin said...

Thanks for your interesting opinion on this matter, Smokey.

In all my regards to China, I think that these measures are not very appropriate as most convenient and moreover, most effective means of communication with young generation because young people get almost all new (and important from their point of view) information about:

- Country History
- Past events
- Current Events
- and others

So, nowadays we may use Internet social sites to bring young people, and not only, the truth about their history and culture.

If we do not know what actual history was, how can we bring up educated and many-seded children of our?

Of course, this is just my IMHO :-)