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Chinese bloggers were asked not to threaten the stability of the state

BEIJING, May 10. The biggest microblogging service in China, Sina Weibo has asked its users to sign an agreement that they would not be writing posts, "threatening social stability."

As the BBC , accounts of those who fail to comply with terms of the agreement, will be deleted. Experts note that this decision was the latest in a series of measures taken by the Chinese government to tighten censorship.

We add that the number of users of Sina Weibo has 300 million people.

Earlier, Chinese bloggers banned registered under pseudonyms. Anyone who fails to comply with this requirement will be denied the opportunity to publish in soobschaniya microblogs, but can read messages from other bloggers. It was noted that this measure is designed to reduce the number of rumors that spread some Internet users.

Observers believe that the tightening of control over information on the Internet related to efforts to reduce the level of criticism and expressions of popular discontent on the eve of a major change in the party leadership at the 18th Party Congress, scheduled for autumn 2012.

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