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Internet and Censorship - the struggle for survival

Цензура в интернете
The current situation on the Internet is very similar to the experts struggle for survival. In particular it concerns the ever increasing censorship and control of the authorities of different countries about what is happening in the virtual space.According to S. Brin, now there is a real threat to the very fact of the existence of the World Wide Web. The founder of the search service Google notes that, along with government pressure to Apple, and Facebook also adversely affect the ability of the Internet for constructive development. Because of the strict policy regarding software, which can be installed on their platforms, these companies significantly limit the communication of users.

Even their personal data Facebook users can simply and easily transfer and publish to other similar resources. If Facebook had already existed at the time of the creation of Google, it is unlikely that the latter would become so popular, said Sergey Brin. That's because the Internet - an open platform on which it is impossible to play on numerous rules and restrictions. Otherwise, its very existence is meaningless. But, nevertheless unique content on the Internet will always be appreciated, and therefore such services as, and other programs from known exchanges copywriting will always be in demand.
Experts agree with the opinion of S. Brin and note that the Internet has now become the most powerful platform for the successful development of social events. All known examples of high-quality communication users led to mass protests of citizens held in the network of social and political referenda, discussed pressing issues and questions. But, given the openness of the virtual space and freedom of information exchange, monitor the situation becomes more complicated.

Perhaps this is why governments of different countries are trying to reduce the effectiveness and attractiveness of the Internet. Recall that it was due to tighter censorship about two years ago, Google has left the territory of China. It is possible that a similar scenario faces and European and American space.

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